Zachary Drumm

Zachary Drumm got his start in college, working on cars during the semester and framing houses during the summer. It’s given him hands-on skills in both worlds, although he has a preference for the predictability of auto mechanics. Whether you are adding a room to your house, wiring an outside light, or replacing the alternator in your car, Zachary Drumm has done it before. He majored in History at Pensacola Christian College, and loves living in the Florida panhandle where he surfs, skimboards and fishes. On any given morning will find him running along the Perdido beach as the sun rises. 

car fell off jack and sitting on the brake rotor

My Car Fell Off The Jack

About 4,822 people across the United States have received emergency medical treatment for injuries sustained when a car fell because of jack stands failing. (according

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What Is PVA Glue?

Polyvinyl acetate, is a common glue product found in Elmer’s glue and carpenter’s glue. In the US, it is commonly used for working with paper

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Worker builders at facade tile installation

Best Rivnut Tool

A Rivnut tool combines elements of a traditional riveting tool with a nut that allows you to screw thin pieces of sheet metal tightly together.

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