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Tool Tally served Pensacola for a number of years as your go-to Hardware store. As we change with the times, this online website is our place for sharing DIY tips and our favorite tools. Feel free to ask questions for some old-fashioned customer service and friendly advice.

Here at Tool Tally, we are all about reviews. Started by Zachary Drumm, and run by him with the help of a few friends, this blog provides tool reviews, tips for DIY projects, and the occasional bit of humor. 

Time is money. Whether you are spending hours scrolling through fake reviews on Amazon, calling manufacturer after manufacturer to find out their warranty program, or seeking advice in the forums, it takes time to properly review a product and come up with an educated guess on which one is best. 

Our goal is to get rid of that guesswork. By picking up the phone, combing through reviews, and even buying the occasional tool to test it out ourselves, we’re saving you time. Our friends in the industry love us. It’s not uncommon to get a phone call from Zachary saying “hey, I need this tool tested, can someone on your team try it out this month?” We’ll ship it to the job site and let the real world beat on it for a while. 

Here at Tool Tally, there is no need for fake lab testing when you can get the real “tally” in the real world.