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"Thanks for your help. The new welding gloves are more comfortable and seem to be holding up better than my old ones."
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Meet Zachary Drumm

Zachary Drumm graduated in 2020 with a degree in History. Throughout High School and college he worked on several construction crews, and would buy used vehicles on Craigslist that he could fix up and sell.

These enterprises greatly expanded his knowledge of tools and repair techniques. Introduced to the idea of blogging and podcasting by a friend, Zachary Drumm launched Tool Tally in the fall of 2018.

His goal with Tool Tally is to build its encyclopedia of helpful articles, and eventually to expand into a YouTube channel with weekly shows with the profits generated by the blog.


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We spend the time sorting through reviews, testing tools, calling customer service to test their responsiveness and crawling under the house to find the best way to install another joist. Take advantage of our experience. 

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