Tool Tally has served Pensacola for a number of years as your go-to Hardware store. As we change with the times, this online website is our place for sharing DIY tips and our favorite tools. Feel free to ask questions or come by the shop for some old-fashioned customer service and friendly advice.

Dremel Saw Max VS Ultra Saw

There’s a tool for every job. But sometimes an all-purpose tool doesn’t do the trick. If you’ve been using a large, bulky circular saw, jigsaw,

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commercial table saw demonstration

Best Table Saw Fence

As a professional or hobbyist woodworker, you likely already own a table saw. It’s the best way to make accurate woodcuts quickly. A quality fence

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Best Generator Oil

The lights start to flicker during the storm, but you don’t even notice. After all, you have a generator for backup. But when was the

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Walabot Vs Flir One

Our phones are more powerful than the computers used to put a man on the moon.  And all we use it for are endless games

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female hands demonstrating how stud finder works to locate studs behind sheetrock

How Do Stud Finders Work?

How Do Stud Finders Work? Modern electronic stud finders operate by measuring the capacitance difference in the wall to identify where a wall is denser.

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