About Us

Today we live in a constant dopamine rush. The endless scrolling through social media. The hours of gaming.

We’ve lost our sanity.

There is something irreplaceable about a quiet night in the shop. Carefully polishing a burl to get the perfect shine. Topping off your whiskey and leaning back to listen to some good tunes while you read a woodworking magazine.

It’s refreshing.

The other day I needed to swap the alternator in a Honda Pilot. Apparently there is only one way that those alternators can thread through all of the hose and belts. It took me two hours of trying every angle before I figured it out. Yeah, I should have looked it up on Youtube. But, anymore, I like to give my brain room to work to see if can still solve problems on its own.

As we review tools and share how-to’s, hopefully they will help you on your journey.

Here’s to getting back to simpler times and quieter minds.

Zachary Drumm
Tool Tally