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Air Compressor LineupAir compressors are a vital part of every home garage and professional shop.

  • Home Builders use them to run their pneumatic nailers.
  • Automotive shops use them to run impact wrenches.
  • Home garages use them for air car tires.
In this section we discuss air compressors, and their use, care and maintenance. We also discuss the tools that can go along with an aire compressor such as pneumatic nailers and wrenches.
Hopefully, this guide helps you choose the right tool and get the most life out of it.
One of the big questions we answer is what size air compressor should I buy?  Our chars help you get the right size for your needs. If you are using a high-flow tool such as an air sander  or a sand blaster you will need an air compressor capable of delivering high CFMs. 
For impact wrenches or framing nailers, a much smaller compressor with high PSI but a lower CFM will suffice. 
We also dive into other common questions such as adjusting regulators, draining the compressor tanks, and deciding between oilless and oil-filled air compressors. 
There are pros and cons to each with the most durable compressors requiring you to check and maintain their oil levels. 
We also discuss some gas powered air compressors for mounting on the back of a work truck and using in remote areas where there is no electrical supply. 
Air compressors make our lives so much easier. they are used heavily in both the automotive and the construction industries.  Without them, most jobs would take much longer to complete. 
Most of our reviews link to Amazon, but some link to Tractor Supply and other online providers. 
The pancake compressor is one of the top sellers and is easy to move from job to job. It can provide a surprising amount of power, and if you buy a large enough one, it can even run a framing nailer. 
For impact wrenches, the 20-gallon compressor or 30-gallon compressor is a better fit. 
Paint sprayers generally need 60-gallon compressors, at a minimum. 
Ingersoll-Rand and Campbell-Hausfeld are two of the largest suppliers. We are seeing more brands enter the market, and many of them offer good warranties. However, these two brands tend to be the “gold standard”.
two-stage air compressor has a larger compressor cylinder for the first stage and a smaller cylinder for the second stage. These compressors are handy for when you need to get an extremely high PSI combined with a high CFM.
Most large compressors offer twin cylinder designs where the cylinders are the same size and simply designed to deliver a steady flow of pressure. 
We also discuss the tools and accessories that are commonly used. From air hoses and air hose reels to impact wrenches, our tool guides help you save time by getting the tool that will help you get the job done quickly. 
While used air compressors can be attractively priced, we tend to review the newest models that are easily purchased online.
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