Mineral Spirits vs Acetone

Solvents and thinners are vital requirements for painting. Acetone and mineral spirits are two of the most common ones used. They are similar, but there are different uses where each one is best. Confusing the matter is that many of the solvents go by similar names, but have different ingredients. And, some solvents have vastly different branded names but are, mostly, the same product. Oil-based paints require solvents. From cleaning brushes to thinning paint, you’ll …

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5 Best Welders For Your Exhaust Project (Budget Friendly)

You need to weld your exhaust pipe and want to save money by doing it yourself. Most exhaust systems are made from mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminized steel (rare). Last year, I walked out to my car after work and noticed that it was extremely loud when I started it. Crawling underneath the car confirmed my suspicions: the catalytic converter bandits had stolen part of my exhaust pipe. The cheapest way to fix an …

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Best Shingle Removal Tool

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to save some money by ripping off their old roof, or an experienced roofer who is wanting to upgrade his tools, I took some time to sort out some of the best shingle removal tools on the market. Investing in a dedicated shingle remover will make the roof tear off, go much faster, and help save your back in the process. Roofing continues to be one of …

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Best Cordless Trimmer-Blower Combos

You’ve made it! You are finally out of the apartment and into your own house! But now you have a lawn to mow and a fencerow to trim. Quick! You need to buy a mower and trimmer before the city starts leaving citations on your door. Here are the best cordless trimmer blower combos on the market. I love how much cordless lawn equipment has advanced this year. 2019 is the first year, where I …

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Best CNC Router

When I was a kid, the guys who programmed CNC routers were the ones who made the “good money” at the factory. And then, when I started working on programming my first 3D printer, I gained a new appreciation for CNC and what it could do. The other day when I walked into my friend’s garage and saw their programmable router and laser cutter combo that they used for their Etsy store, my appreciation for …

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Step-By-Step CO2 Tank Refill With Compressor or Supply Tank

If you have a CO2 tank for any application, you may be wondering how to refill it. Can you put compressed air into a CO2 tank? If so, how? Is it even safe? You’re not the first person to ask this. My post will make it easy to refill CO2 tanks. ProTip: Welding Gas Supply Stores are the easiest & cheapest place to refill your Co2 Tanks (see US Map) Sodastream has a cartridge exchange …

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image of a plack lifted truck in a parade

Best Jacks For Lifted Trucks: Bottle Jacks, Floor Jacks, Hi-Lift

A lifted truck is going to be at least 3 inches taller than a standard pickup. You need a jack that can easily handle the extra height. My frustration with most of the other sites (my competitors) is that most of them have a list of standard jacks that only provide 18 inches of lift.  If you are adding a lift kit to your truck, you’ll want a jack that can go higher than 20 …

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The Best Topside Creepers For 2020

Every mechanic I have worked with is missing a topside creeper from their arsenal. A topside creeper looks like a combination between a stepladder and a regular creeper. It lets you ergonomically access your engine compartment while keeping you away from your car’s finish.  Which is the best mechanic’s topside creeper? Best Overall: Traxion 3-700 Foldable Topside Creeper Best Customer Service: RedLine Engineering Overhead Creeper Best Cheap Topside Creeper: Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper Best For …

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image with arrow demonstrating difference between saws

Dewalt Dws779 vs Dws780 Comparison (Which One Is Best?)

The Dewalt 12-inch dual bevel sliding miter saws come in three (confusing) varieties. The DWS779 and DWS780 miter saw are two identical models with one difference. I have a new favorite DWS780 competitor. See it here (opens in new window). A Heavier Saw Requires A Better Stand At nearly 60 pounds, either version of this saw is too heavy to frequently carrying it around. In fact, one of the most telling stories about this weight …

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image of construction worker in organge hard hat using a track saw

Best Track Saws For 2020

Do you want the accuracy of a $2,000 panel saw with the portability of a $300 table saw? The Track Saw is ideal for quickly completing long cuts with high accuracy. Track saws offer one-of-a-kind cuts and a professional, smooth, splinter-free edge that is unmatched by circular and table saws, especially when cutting large plywood-based sheets. It was invented approximately 60 years after the table saw. Surprisingly, many craftsmen have never handled one, and it …

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air compressor pressure switch

How To Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Caution: Air Compressor Pressure Switches can be dangerous to adjust. Tool Tally advises you to have your units serviced by a qualified individual and only provides this discussion for your entertainment. There are no guarantees of accuracy or completeness. The Air compressor regulator controls how much air flows from your compressor to your air tools. It has a pressure gauge for measuring output.  However, the compressor has its own internal pressure switch settings that control …

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What Kind Of Oil Should I Use In My Air Compressor?

The best synthetic air compressor oils can make a massive difference in the longevity of your compressor, as well as it’s the ability to start in cold weather. While it’s nice to have an air compressor around, it’s not a totally maintenance-free tool to leave sitting in your garage (why you need to drain your air compressor). Many air compressors need oil to run properly. If you’ve never changed the oil on your compressor, or …

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clipping a dog's toenails with dremel 8220

Dremel 8220 Review

In 1932 when Albert J. Dremel invented the imitation of a small, handheld pneumatic die grinder, he had no idea how far his technology would evolve. The Dremel 8220 is one of the best cordless rotary tool kits on the market. Dremel started out with the 8 volt 8100 cordless series. It was nifty, but lacked the power for serious work. The Dremel 8200 was their first 12 volt cordless series, and it brought the …

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image of air compressor drain valve position

How To Drain An Air Compressor

Proper compressor maintenance is an essential part of increasing the lifespan of your air compressor. This includes cleaning the external parts of the unit, checking the gauges and valves for any visual defects, as well as air compressor tank draining. Fortunately, whether you have a smaller 5-gallon compressor or an industrial-sized 60-gallon air compressor, the process of draining the tank is virtually the same. At ToolTally we’re big on not only helping you get the …

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a row of air compressors pumps of different sizes

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?

One question that seems to get asked all the time when it comes to using air tools is “how large of an air compressor do I need”? Manufacturers make a large range of compressors, from small portable air compressors  to large stationary air compressors. This handy chart shows what size compressor is needed for each tool. At Tool Tally, I’m going to cover the specifications you need to know to determine air compressor size, and then provide a handy sizing chart to help …

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Best Generator Oils For Longevity

(Article length: 2071 words. Read Time ~ 7 Minutes) Best Oils For Generators The last time I needed backup power was the ice storm of 2007. The Extreme cold made it hard to keep the pipes from freezing. We used the generator to run several 1500 watt heaters inside and underneath the house. There are a lot of oils that are created explicitly for outdoor power tools. The same oils that you use in your …

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