Tallest Bottle Jack For Lifted Trucks

Your lifted truck is a tall vehicle with added ground clearance. You need a durable, dependable jack tall enough to do the heavy lifting. The right bottle jack for a lifted truck can is essential for changing tires, replacing brakes, swapping tie rod ends, and upgrading your suspension.

Bottle jacks are compact jacks devices that use hydraulic fluid to raise a central pillar, lifting heavy machinery or equipment quickly and easily. You can lift about anything with just a few pumps of the handle.

Let’s look at the best bottle jacks for lifted trucks now.

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What Is a Bottle Jack?

A bottle jack gets its name from its shape: it is shaped like a bottle. A bottle jack is one of my favorite jacking devices for vehicles. Since a bottle jack is a vertical lifting device, they are compact and can fit in small areas. Additionally, they store nicely behind the seat, making them great to carry with you for off-roading activities.

They also are lighter than a floor jack and are much more affordable. I feel like you can buy a much higher quality jack for less cost.

Finally, these jacks are “tanks.” They are so solid. I have used them underneath houses to level sagging houses, and my father-in-law used them to lift houses off of foundations so the houses could be moved. These are not restricted to working for lifted trucks and can also be used for small sedans and SUVs.

Although the details vary slightly from model to model, every bottle jack is a simple metal apparatus with a central lifting arm or pillar. A removable handle enables you to pump the handle and lift the pillar, thereby raising a heavy object.

Bottle jacks are not as stable compared to floor jacks. As a result, it is important to use them with jack stands and on a hard, level surface.

Advantages of Bottle Jacks Over Other Types of Jacks

Pro Lift 4 Ton Jack military green

Bottle jacks have a lot of advantages that make them superior tools compared to other types of jacks on the market.

For starters, bottle jacks are small and compact. As a result, you can maneuver them into tight areas and still use them to lift heavy trucks easily. You can use them in cramped quarters and even store the bottle jack in a small area like a car’s trunk.

Bottle jacks are well-built. They will stand the test of time, and I have used a single bottle jack for over 10 years. They continue to operate even after lots of lifting sessions for many years, especially if you consciously take care of them. This durability means it may be worthwhile to purchase even an expensive bottle jack up the front, as you’ll get your money’s worth over time.

Lastly, bottle jacks have excellent size-to-lifting capacity ratios. In other words, they might be small, but they can lift much more than other jacks of the same size. Compared to larger “barrel jacks,” which hold up houses, bottle jacks do an excellent job when it comes to handling and holding up heavy trucks or other vehicles.

Finally, bottle jacks are cost-effective and provide a greater value for the price.

Can I Use A Bottle Jack To Lift A Truck With A Lift Kit?

You have three popular jack alternative for lifting your truck that has a lift kit installed. They are

  • Floor Jacks
  • Bottle Jacks
  • Hi-Lift Jacks

I have talked about the other popular jack options on the market, but since there are so many well-made, affordable bottle jacks to choose from. I wanted to devote an entire article to this topic.

Hi-Lift jacks are the most unstable option, so I prefer to use a floor jack or the more affordable bottle jack for most of my vehicle maintenance. It comes down to investing in a high-capacity jack with a higher lift range.

What Lifting Capacity Is Needed For A Lifted Truck?

You need weight capacities of 3 tons or more in your jack. Most pickup trucks are going to weigh between 4500 to 7,500 pounds. Generally, when you are jacking a truck up, you only lift one corner at a time. Therefore, the jack needs to lift 25% of the total weight or around 1,875 pounds of the 7,500-pound truck.

That said, different parts of the truck weigh more. The engine and front end of the truck tend to weigh more than the bed.

You need to know how much weight a bottle jack will lift before using it. So, while a 1-ton bottle jack is generally durable enough to lift a truck, I refuse to work with anything smaller than a 2-ton jack. I want to have that added safety that comes from using an oversized jack.

Additionally, I always use jack stands with a weight rating greater than 3-tons. Many of the jacks I mention below offer a 6-ton lifting capacity for even greater capacity.

Bottle Jacks for Lifted Trucks Buying Guide

Big red 20 ton trucks

Not sure which bottle jack is right for your needs? Consider these buying decisions when choosing between different bottle jacks.

Lift Range

Finding the tallest bottle jack is important when you own a lifted truck. A Lifted truck is at least 3 inches taller than a standard truck. The lift range is the distance a bottle jack can lift the truck. Most bottle jacks only have an upper lift range of 16 inches. Sixteen inches is generally the minimum needed for a lifted truck.


The weight capacity is the maximum load a bottle jack can take. Bottle jacks are rated for different amounts of weight, typically between two tons and 20 tons at the upper end. Check to see how heavy your lifted truck is for purchasing a new bottle jack. Most trucks need a 3-ton bottle jack.


Naturally, you’ll want a relatively stable bottle jack. Bottle jacks tend to have a more narrow base and are not the most stable jack option. That said, as you buy a larger bottle jack, they tend to come with a wider base and have more stability.

Construction (Material & Durability)

Next, consider the construction of the bottle jack in question. Generally, you’ll want a durable bottle jack made of stainless steel or heat-treated steel, ensuring rugged durability and reliability even with a lot of use.

Safety Features

Lastly, see whether a bottle jack has any safety features, like a locking pin system or bar support, which can stop a jack from failing or collapsing by accident.

8 Best Bottle Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Now, you could spend a lot of time shopping for bottle jacks. However, I have quite a bit of hands-on experience with these bottle jacks, and I’ve included a list of the ones I would choose from.

Best Bottle Jack: Safe Jacks 6 Ton ‘The General’ Off-Road Kit

The General Safe Jack

Maximum Lifting Height: 20 inches

By far, the best bottle jack for a lifted truck is the bottle jack you can find in “The General” Off-Road Kit.

I love the added screw-on extensions that come with this kit. There is a 3-inch and a 6-inch extension. The extensions can be connected to one another, and when combined with the jack base, this kit can deliver 20 inches of lift.

Furthermore, this 6-ton bottle jack is an absolute beast for lifting any load you throw at it. It’s an Omega brand bottle jack that uses a cast steel exterior with added safety features in the bypass valve and the finely tuned cross-forged release valve for slowly lowering your vehicle with control.

This off-road kit has everything you need to get the job done if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, including a bottle jack, several bottle jack extensions, wheel chocks, chains for the wheel chocks, a universal bottle jack base and round pad, and more. It’s a little gimmicky, but this made-in-the-US jack kit comes in a water-tight 50 Cal ammo can to keep it all organized.

If you were to buy the Omega bottle jack alone, it would be too short to reach your truck. Combined with these top-notch extensions from Safe Jack, it fills a vital niche in the offroad market and is the clear leader.

The extra wide base makes it ideal for use on the side of the road. Simply attach the extensions, set it under your truck and start pumping.

Plus, it is packaged as a handy kit to take with you wherever you go. There is no way to put a kit like this together on your own.

If you are like me and only invest in high-quality products, this is the one your should buy.


  • Made in the USA, so very high-quality and backed by US patents
  • Comes with a bottle jack and all necessary accessories
  • Everything is contained in a durable, watertight container


  • Quite expensive compared to other bottle jacks

Torin Big Red T91203B Bottle Jack

Big Red 12 Ton

Maximum Lifting Height: 18.25 inches

The Torin Big Red T91203B Bottle Jack is an impressive piece of equipment through and through, capable of lifting 12-ton trucks quickly and easily. It features a lightweight, glide action pressure pump, and it’s incredibly easy to transport to a worksite or a broken-down vehicle since it only weighs 5 pounds.

The lifting range of this Big Red bottle jack is quite extensive, as it can go from 9.06 inches to 18.11 inches: more than enough for the majority of maintenance jobs or lifted trucks. You’ll also appreciate the built-in oil bypass, as well as the overload valve, which increases the safety of this tool and prevent it from overloading.

Thanks to the hydraulic design, you won’t break a sweat with this bottle jack. I also like that this jack’s lifting area is serrated and heat-treated. As a result, it can maintain the grip on the jack point, minimizing the likelihood of slippage or accidents.

Even better, this standard bottle jack meets the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ safety standards. It’s reliable, durable, and versatile. However, even though this bottle jack is made in the US, it’s a standard model, and you’ll need to purchase a separate jack stand to ensure stability and safety.


  • Very well made
  • Rated for six tons in total
  • Very lightweight and easy to move
  • Heat-treated lifting area for added stability on a jack point


  • Have to use separate jack stands with this jack

Powerbuilt 3 Ton Bottle Jack

Powerbuilt 620471 product image

Maximum Lifting Height: 21-inches

The Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack is a tall jack, the tallest jack on this list. It is a unique option, as it features a pyramid shape that uses an offset hydraulic cylinder. While the design is unusual, there’s no denying its effectiveness. The jack comes with a safety lock, enabling it to become a jack stand instead of just a lifting jack. Talk about convenience and versatility!

Furthermore, this bottle jack has a lifting range of 10 inches, making it easy to lift trucks far off the ground. It’s a perfect pick for lifted trucks and other vehicles that have high clearance. On the downside, this jack is very tall, so it may not fit underneath standard cars or lower-sitting vehicles. It also only has a 3-ton capacity, so it isn’t ideal for heavy trucks.

That said, I love the stability of the wider base and the fact that it includes a built in jack stand. The 21-inch total height is another big selling point for me. Plus, I have a lot of friends with this jack, and they all love its reliability.


  • Excellent for lifting high-clearance vehicles
  • Can transform into a safety jack stand
  • Features an offset hydraulic cylinder for extra power


  • Some limits to the types of vehicles you can use the jack with

Torin Big Red T92007A Bottle Jack

Big Red 20 ton Jack

Maximum Lifting Height: 20-1/16 inches

Here’s another stellar bottle jack in the Torin Big Red family: the T92007A model. This hydraulic welded jack is heavy, clocking in at about 19.56 pounds. However, it offers a stellar load capacity of 20 tons. This long-lasting, high-capacity bottle jack can be used for practically any purpose or for lifting any vehicle. The alloyed steel is reliable and leak-free, combined with a stable platform to ensure quality performance.

We also really like the external hydraulic piston, which offers a secure grip and a big lifting area. The variable screw at the top of the bottle jack yields additional flexibility and makes maintenance work much easier. Lift ranges oscillate between 6 5/8 inches to 10 5/16 inches.

As with the last Big Red model, this model of bottle jack also comes with an oil bypass and overload valves to stop it from overheating or overloading.


  • Perfect for heavy load-bearing applications
  • Firm grip on the glide action pressure pump
  • Lots of lifting space to choose from
  • Very durable and stable


  • One of the heaviest bottle jacks to carry around
  • A little too tall for some vehicles, like smaller sedans

Pro-Lift B-004W Bottle Jack

Pro Lift 4 Ton Jack military green

Maximum Lifting Height: 14 inches

The Pro-Lift B004W Bottle Jack is an affordable yet effective bottle jack, perfect for budget-conscious buyers who need something that can get the job done without breaking the bank. It’s rated for 4 tons of vehicle lift capacity, and the jack point area is heat treated to bolster durability and stability.

This bottle jack is very simple to adjust to the desired work height. It features an extension screw so you can make easy and fast adjustments whenever you need to.

However, there are a few noticeable downsides to keep in mind before purchasing this hydraulic bottle jack. For instance, it only comes with a 90-day warranty rather than the industry standard one-year warranty you might expect. This bottle jack is also a little heavy at 9 pounds. And it only has a 14-inch lift range. As with many other bottle jacks, you’ll need to use a separate jack stand to keep your vehicle stable while you work on it if you choose this bottle jack model.


  • Very affordable compared to other bottle jacks
  • Heat-treated points for added stability and durability
  • Very easy to adjust to the perfect work height


  • The 90-day warranty is shorter than average
  • Heavier compared to other bottle jacks
  • Have to use separate jack stands
  • Only a 14-inch lift range

Baoshishan 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Double Ram Jack

Maximum Lifting Height: 20.5 inches

The Baoshishan 6-Ton Hydraulic Jack is made of high-quality stainless steel and weighs under 11 pounds. With a load capacity of twelve tons, it’s appropriate for raising many lifted trucks.

This versatile device uses a double ram design. The double ram design provides greater lift than standard or single ram jacks. It also comes with an oil bypass mechanism and an additional secure valve, preventing accidental overloads. The oil valve is fitted with a rubber band to this effect.

Note that this is one of the taller bottle jacks on the market. It has a lift range that goes up to 20.5 inches and at 8.7 inches tall, enabling it to work with most lifted trucks while preventing its use with many smaller vehicles. While six tons is the default lifting capacity, you can select a version of this bottle jack with a lifting capacity of up to 12 tons.


  • Features two rams instead of one
  • Lightweight and portable constructed handle
  • Easy to adjust with the extension screw
  • Lots of overloading protections


  • Locking feature is not the best on the market
  • A little too tall for some vehicles

Specstar 20 Ton Bottle Jack

Pneumatic Jack for lifted truck

Maximum Height: 20-inches

Last but not least is the Specstar 20 Ton Bottle Jack, which is ideal for commercial vehicles for those who work in a shop with an air supply. As with the other jacks, it has an adjustable screw to raise the jack up to 20 inches. It features both pneumatic and manual lift options, allowing you to choose which you want to use.

The neat thing about this jack is that it also offers a pneumatic jacking option. Simply close the relief valve and then attach it to your air compressor. It will raise the jack all the way, lifting your truck off of the ground in a smooth, easy motion.

If you don’t have an air source, the jacking mechanism is still available to you for manual operation.

This has a lifting range of between 10.2 inches to 20 inches, affording excellent versatility. This heavy-duty, durable bottle jack also features a dual spring to create faster recovery. The larger square base and low center of gravity provide more stability.

With a load capacity of approximately 20 tons and a maximum operating pressure of 200 psi, this bottle jack is ideal for lifted trucks, heavy agricultural equipment, transportable machinery, and other heavy equipment.

The jack is also relatively short at just 260 mm, so you can fit it under even low-clearance vehicles without too much difficulty. The ductile iron base is one of the most durable for the price.


  • Relatively simple to use
  • Comes with pneumatic and manual operation options
  • Good lift capacity for its height
  • Handles come with plastic covers for your hands


  • Not the best for high-chassis vehicles

How Do I Maintain a Bottle Jack?

Pneumatic jack on shop floor

Sometimes when a hydraulic jack doesn’t want to lift, it is because air bubbles have leaked into the closed hydraulic system. This can happen during shipping or when a bottle jack is stored for a long period of time.

In order to purge a jack and restore the function, you need to bleed the jack. Start by releasing the release valve by one full turn. Then, remove the oil filler plug on the side of the reservoir. Finally, pump the jack handle 10 times to bleed the air out of the hydraulic system.

Just repeat these steps until the jack is bled fully. Then add the oil filler plug.

Store the jack in a dry clean space with the ram fully lowered. I like to store it in the upright position, but sometimes when it is stored in the car, it isn’t always possible to do this.

Store the jack with the release valve turned 1 turn counterclockwise to release pressure on the system.

Once a year, raise the ram and use a rag coated in hydraulic oil to provide a light film of oil to the outside of the ram. Do not use brake fluid, motor oil, or synthetic lubricants, as they can damage the hydraulic seals.

What Are the Safety Precautions When Using a Bottle Jack?

All too often, accidents occur when safety precautions are not taken. Safety boils down to one major principle: both the car and the jack must be stable. You need to use wheel chocks and engage the parking brake. The steps to jack a lifted truck is about the same as any other cars.

If you are unsure where to place the jack under your truck, consult the owner’s manual.

Furthermore, jack stands should be used, even for simple tasks such as a tire change. Cutting corners is not worth losing your life over.

What Is the Primary Function of Hydraulic Bottle Jacks?

Hydraulic bottle jacks are meant to lift any type of vehicle, especially heavy vehicles like lifted trucks, SUVs, and vans. They fit in areas where it might be hard to fit a larger floor jack.

What Is the Prime Difference Between a Bottle Jack and a Floor Jack?

Most bottle jacks aren’t as stable as the average hydraulic floor jack because they have small structures and slimmer bases. Furthermore, they have more limited lift heights. Think of bottle jacks as more portable versions of floor jacks that you can easily store in the trunk of your vehicle or use in compact areas.


As you can see, there are many great bottle jacks for lifted trucks. Pick from one of the models above, and you’ll find it much easier to accomplish important maintenance, change a tire, or do anything else you need to do!


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