Bosch IDH182 Impact Driver Review

The Bosch IDH182 cordless impact driver is one of the most reliable drivers that you could clip to your tool belt. 

With twice the torque of other models, the IDH182-02 also offers:

  • Interchangeable 1/4 bit and 1/2 inch socket drive
  • Brushless Motor
  • Toggle between max torque or max battery life
  • 1,650 inch pounds
  • LED Lights

Unless you are insistent on going with a different brand name, the IDH182 is one of the most versatile impact drivers on the market, especially for mechanics.

Socket-Ready Impact Driver

Most impact drivers require you to use a 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch adapter. So, let’s say that you want to remove the lug nuts from your car. With other drivers, you would need to get your adapter out and connect it to the socket.

Then, you run the risk of twisting off the adapter and breaking it. Most of us have done that once or twice.

Additionally, by not having an adapter on the end, it makes it easier to fit it into tight places in the engine bay. A lot of mechanics appreciate this and use it alongside their pneumatic tools as a fast, easy method.

This one is uniquely designed so that it allows you to slip your bits into the hex bit end of the driver. Or, you can slip sockets onto the square drive end.

Thanks to this unique design, you can work more quickly with fewer moving parts.

18-Volt Battery

These cordless power tools are all about getting the most voltage possible in a lightweight package. The right tool and the right battery mark the difference between a professional tool and a tool that is going to break the first time you use it.

You might see a no-name knock-off tool with an 18-volt battery and an advertised 4.0ah battery. However, if it is a cheaply-made import, you are going to find yourself without power constantly.

That is not the case with the Bosch. It’s why I always go with a name brand.

With the Bosch IDH182-02, you have no lack of power. The Bosch’s Freak 18v battery design holds up well. We typically run with Dewalt on the job sites, but we have one of these impact drivers. It sinks holes through layers of 2×4 boards with easy and runs our hole saw for electrical work through the plywood.

We use our Bosch hard and in the worst weather conditions. However, the lithium-ion battery lasts well.

Fast Charge

cordless impact driver on white background

The fast charger feature is also worth mentioning. We’re looking at an 80% recharge within 41 minutes. However, if you can wait an extra 14 minutes, you are ready to go with a topped-off battery in 55 minutes.

This charger is one of the things that sells folks on the Core 18v battery system. The business owner who is worried about his team running out of power can rest easy, knowing that the charger is one of the fastest ones on the market.

Electronic Mode Controls

The computer chips inside these drills are often what these manufacturers use to make these tools more attractive to buyers. Brands like Milwaukee, Makita, and Dewalt are huge on pushing their smart controls and assist modes that help you start screws and control your tool without stripping the heads.

However, the Bosch goes with a simpler option that focuses on what matters most: power.

The performance control system offers three speed settings. The variety of speeds offer better control for the different scenarios you face. I find that I tend just to leave mine in the lowest setting. I rarely need to change it, and it lets me minimize fastener damages.

This performance control system allows you to switch between maximum power or maximum battery life. The ability to turn up the torque comes in handy when you are wrestling with rusted-on lug nuts. But with the massive amount of power that this tool puts out, you’ll find that you rarely need to access the maximum capabilities.

Frankly, the circuits on this are so dialed in that you don’t really need to change anything. Thanks to the variable speed trigger, you have complete RPM control and don’t miss the smart assist or the other features. It just feels like a steady weapon for getting the job out.


I’ve alluded to this before, but I think it bears focus.

Some of the other brands (Dewalt, we’re looking at you) have created complicated engineer calculations to obfuscate their tool output. The Bosch doesn’t play games. They rate it at 1600 inch pounds. This means it is putting out a massive level of 133 foot pounds of power. Unless you are working on a locomotive or oil rig, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a nut that you can’t loosen.

Additionally, this one delivers an incredible amount of impacts per minute (IPM). That’s 3,200 beats per minute(bpm) (over 50 impacts per second!) on the internal anvil means that you are delivering constant power right where you need it the most.

When you are dealing with a stuck bolt, you can let this wrench hammer on it for a minute and get incredible results.

You aren’t going to have as much power as an impact wrench (those can put out over 1,000 FOOT-pounds), but for most of the odd-jobs around the house or the mechanic shop. This drill is almost overkill. For the contractor, it is the perfect amount of lightweight power.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors offer a few advantages. With this Bosch, it helps to deliver more power while still being lightweight.

The difference with brushless motors is that the stator spins inside an electromagnetic field.

Because no brushes are touching the stator, it allows the motor to spin without friction, reducing the wear on the motor. This design also makes the motor more efficient and helps extend the battery run time without losing time waiting for it to recharge. While an EC brushless motor might not mean much to you, the benefits it delivers are more power, more longevity, and longer run times.


At only 4.2 pounds with the battery, this is an extremely lightweight tool that is fun to carry around all day. The handle is perfectly designed for hours of use without adding callouses to your hand.

The lighter weight is also handy when you are working inside a tight engine bay or over your head.

Finally, the slim pack battery design means that this tine impact driver fits in the tightest places. A handy belt clip means that it is always right where you need it to be.


Bosch-tools isn’t one of the “big 3” that contractors typically turn towards. Thanks to the innovation that they bring to this device, it’s 18-V lithium-ion battery and the best-in-class power output, this Bosch 18-V stands heads and shoulders above tools that cost much more. You might find yourself ditching every other cordless drill you own.


Zachary Drumm

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