Roach Getting Into Car Meme Explained: Get On This Trend

As a mechanic, I’m always looking for cool pictures to put on my social media platforms and increase my following. It’s part of the job, right? Changing oil and making memes. Gotta keep up with those viral trends, you know?

This Cockroach Getting Into Car meme is pretty fun. Granted, I used it with the lame caption of “Headed to see the boys” but it still got a decent amount of coverage compared to most of the things I share.

Here is the background on the viral roach meme. Here are these viral tweets explored, and then I want your best captions below.

Here’s to increasing your social media reach!

The Origins Of The Roach Getting Into Car Meme

During the height of the COVID craziness on July 27th, 2021, a Twitter user trolled their partner with this hilarious image and then shared it on Twitter for us to enjoy.

The original tweet was shared by @fleekynu, who later revealed that she was single. It still didn’t stop her from racking up 27,000 retweets with over 245,000 likes.

This gal understands social media.

What I love about this text message exchange is how they built it up. They didn’t just go for the insult. No, they started with insults of cheating. That they had a picture showing them getting into a car with another woman.

And then as they continued to challenge their partner to prove their innocence, the thread builds to an incredible climax as the emotions get thick. I honestly admire this chick for taking her guy right to the edge. There is a thin line between what will piss a man off and what he thinks is funny, and this gal walked that line like she was in Barnum and Bailey (a circus act, for all of you pre-Millenials).

Watch how she amps it up to almost the breaking point.

And then she expertly drops the punchline.

Thankfully, @batallosaa clearly understands her partner’s sense of humor.

Other Viral Uses Of The Tweet Prank

This isn’t the only hilarious conversation that a Twitter user shared with this meme. Many users have since deleted their tweets, but I found a few to embed for your pleasure. Almost all of them follow the meme trend of accusing a boyfriend of hanging out with another lady.

Some of them played the trick on their friends.

When it comes to trolling your friends, be prepared to receive a few not-so-funny responses. We hope @jorsopinions and her partner worked things out.

Clever Roach Getting Into Car Meme Ideas

The tweets and the hilarious responses they got are fun, but you also have to respect all of the other social media uses for this. We have the image showing a roach getting in a car with a lot of great captions.

Some of the lamer ones are similar to mine, with a lot of reshares on the one where they point out that this Roach got a tax refund.

If you want to make your own meme, you can simply save the picture and then run it through your favourite meme generator.

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