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Best Heavy Duty Staplers – 2020 Reviews

Most of the time, we discuss tools. However, staplers are one of those items that span both the tool category and the office supply category.  For this list, I want to discuss the best heavy duty staplers that can handle hundreds of sheets of paper and thick stacks of paper. Then, I also want to discuss the heavy-duty construction staplers used to secure tarps and garage sale signs.  My goal is to speed up your …

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Best Shingle Removal Tool

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to save some money by ripping off their old roof, or an experienced roofer who is wanting to upgrade his tools, I took some time to sort out some of the best shingle removal tools on the market. Investing in a dedicated shingle remover will make the roof tear off, go much faster, and help save your back in the process. Roofing continues to be one of …

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man repairing hard drive with screwdriver

Best Torque Screwdrivers

In the bike shop, torque specs were everything. We worked with carbon fiber and aluminum that are threaded into $5,000 bicycles. It was mandatory to use a quality torque screwdriver at all times to avoid damaging the bikes. Some of the screwdrivers we had were set-torque. They only had one torque setting. A single setting was good for our industry where there were only two or three basic torque specs were used repeatedly. However, that …

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