Top 10 Pressure Washing Hoses That Won’t Mark Your Driveway

Is your hose long enough? Are you going to buy a replacement hose that will fail after one season? 

Most pressure washers come with a short, 20 to 30-foot-long hose that is designed for residential use. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional working on a bigger project, you’ll appreciate having a longer hose.

Long hoses will need a hose reel. Our hose reel guide has some excellent solutions. Most professionals have a large reel that they mount onto the trailer, and then a separate length of hose that they can access if the hose reel length is not long enough. 

Here are some of the best high-pressure hoses to consider. 

Create A Pressure Washer Extension Hose

This handy adapter lets you connect two hoses. This is especially handy if you already have a hose mounted to a hose reel or a hose that is attached to your pressure washer. You can screw this adapter in and then connect a longer hose. 

This adapter is so handy that you should add one to any purchase. 

Best Pressure Washer Hoses Comparison Chart

Pressure-Pro AHS285 Hot Water Pressure Washing Hose (100 Feet)

The Pressure-Pro is one of the only ones on this list that is rated for use with a hot water boiler. 

It uses a wrapped hose design that makes it suitable for water up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The wrapped hose protects the hose from abrasion. 

While this hose is not billed as non-marking, it does seem to leave fewer marks than the competition when running under full heat. One of the challenges with hot water washing is that the hoses tend to be more inclined to leave marks. 

 Rated for 4,200 PSI pressure washers, this hose seems to flow 8GPM without a problem, and the 100-foot length allows you to clean an entire parking lot without having to move your vehicle. 

This would be my first pick for running hot water. 

Yamatic Hot Water Extra-High Pressure Extension Hose (50 feet)

When shopping for an extremely high-pressure, commercial-quality hose, this oversized Yamatic hose is perfect for commercial power washing companies who need an extension for their existing hose. 

To begin with, this hose is the larger-diameter 3/8-inch hose, with a quick-connect on one end. This lets you easily slip it into the quick-connect end of your existing hose in place of the spray tips.

A swivel on the quick connect helps prevent kinking. 

The hose is rated for up to 4,500 PSI of flow (burst pressure of 12,000 PSI), making it compatible with the largest pressure washers readily available. It can also handle mildly hot water up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Overall, this is one of the most durable hoses on the market. Note that it does not have the M22 end to use it as a replacement hose (unless you buy an M22 to Quick-Connect Adapter).

Simpson Cleaning Morflex Quick-Connect Hose (50 feet)

Simpson Cleaning makes some of the best pressure washers on the market. They often manufacturer washers for other brand names (my research leads me to believe that they make the Stanley pressure washer). 

As with the Yamatic model above, this one is a quick-connect design that is compatible with all pressure washing machines that use a quick-connect. 

It is also rated for professional use with a 4,000 PSI flow rate and has 6-inch bend connectors on the end to prevent kinking and excessive force on the connection. 

While they rate it for water temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, they also sell it as a cold-water hose. Considering that a hose left lying in the sunlight can reach 140 degrees, this hose is probably designed for incidental heat, not hot-water use. 

The polyurethane braided design makes this hose extremely abrasion-resistant. 

I feel that the two hoses are very similar, but have a slight preference for the Yamatic above with its higher PSI rating. 

Yamatic High-Pressure Washer Hose (50 feet)

Yamatic has just about all of the features that you could hope to find in a high-quality hose. 

This model comes with an anti-marking outside. This is especially handy on hot days when you are cleaning a long drive. Cheaper hoses have a soft exterior that will leave black marks all over your freshly-cleaned surface. 

With this Yamatic model, you don’t have to worry about coming back through and cleaning up after the hose. 

The anti-kinking feature is also handy. The longer a hose is, the more likely it is that you will run into kinking problems. When a hose kinks, it weakens that section, making it more likely for future punctures. 

The longer a hose is, the more likely it is to kink. 

With the Yamatic, the hose’s interior is resistant to kinking, which helps to lengthen its lifespan while also allowing for a steady flow of water. 

It is made from recycled material and designed to withstand 3,200 PSI with a burst rating of 8,700 PSI.

Keep in mind that this is designed for gas pressure washers. If you want to use it with electric pressure washers, you will need this adapter. 

A 1-year warranty backs it. 

Generac 6620 Power Washer Hose (50 feet)

I wanted to highlight this medium-duty 5/16 inch hose. Generac has a killer line of Onewash tools, and this replacement hose not only works for their tools, but for just about any model out there. 

If it uses a steel braid and nylon in its construction, and then it is coated in PVC to prevent marking on the surfaces you are cleaning. This combination works well for creating a hose that lasts season after season. 

The connection is a standard M22 thread. This makes it compatible with any model out there. If you need to convert it to a quick-connect model, those adapters are readily available for sale online. 

Rated for 3100 PSI, this is an excellent upgrade for those homeowners who bought a cheaper pressure washer and who want to upgrade the hose to something more durable and resistant to kinking. 

At only 5 pounds, this adds almost no weight to your kit and makes it easy to get around the house. Keep in mind that the 50-foot length is too long for most tools onboard hose storage, so you’ll want to get some type of hose reel. 

M Mingle Pressure Washer Hose (50 feet)

This M Mingle hose is designed for professional use but priced to be accessible to the home owner’s budget. 

As with the other hoses on our list, this one has an M22 hose connection on this end. This means you can connect it to almost any of the major brands of pressure washers, including the Troybuilt, Dewalt, Simpson, and Toro. 

This model is designed to handle up to 3,600 PSI. However, it also has the advantage of being able to withstand 140-degree water, making it suitable for some hot-water use. 

The anti-kinking design allows you the freedom to move around without the hose getting crimped. 

This model comes with the M22 connector that converts the end from M22 Female over to M22 Male to let you connect two hoses. 

At 50 feet of length, you have a lot more room to move around. 

Propulse UberFlex (25 feet)

This Propulse is sought after for the extreme flexibility that it offers. The soft rubber hose design makes it a pleasure for moving out of your way as you work seamlessly on cleaning intricate areas. 

Boasting the smallest bend radius without kinking, the Propulse is a favorite of homeowners. The smaller, 1/4-inch design makes it best-suited for <link to article> 3,000 PSI pressure washers <>, including the electric Sun Joe and Greenworks models and the gas-powered, Karcher, Simpson cleaning, and Briggs & Stratton models. 

It connects with an M22 end that is designed to swivel, reducing the likelihood of kinking. It also has bend protectors on the end to protect your hose and pressure washer from getting too much kinking on the connection.

Yamatic High-Pressure Hose (25 Feet)

This Yamatic is in the shorter, 25-foot length that is a more standard hose length. This length makes it a good replacement hose for users who need to upgrade a broken pressure washer hose. This model has standard connections that work with all gas-powered pressure washers. 

The brass connectors provide a tight fit and prevent wear over the years of use. 

As with the other Yamatic hose above, this one is designed to withstand up to 8,700 PSI burst pressure, which is anti-kinking and non-marking. 

This model coils up onto just about any standard hose holder that comes with your pressure washer thanks to the shorter length. 

Sun Joe Rubber Hose For Electric Power Washers (25 feet)

This replacement hose is an absolute pleasure. The soft rubber hose construction is protected by an abrasion covering and external steel mesh. The mesh helps to protect the hose but also makes it kink resistant. 

 This gives you the advantage of an easy-to-coil hose that you can easily loop over a pressure washer for storage, but that uncoils well for use. It also stores well, giving you season after season of dependable use. 

This is the HD or Heavy Duty version that Sun Joe makes. Most of their machines come with a cheap rubber hose that doesn’t hold up to heavy use. This one is their high-end hose that is designed for more pressure and more frequent use. 

As with the other options, this one has an M22 screw pattern to make it universally suitable for all of the common pressure washers. 

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Hose (25 feet)

Electric pressure washers tend to produce less power, and you don’t need to overpay for a more powerful hose. This hose also uses the standard M22 connections. 

However, you will notice that the threads are not quite as deep, making it better suited for electric pressure washers. 

It is rated for up to 2,900 PSI, which makes it good for most residential models. The downside with this option is that it kinks so badly. Sometimes it ships kinked, and that can lead to premature failure of the hose. 

It also tends to hold the coiled shape from storage, leading it to be a little more unwieldy to unwind and use. 

If you are only using your power washer every few months, this is an excellent option that will save you a lot of money. For more frequent users, I would recommend one of the other hoses on this list. 

Pressure Washer Hose Buying Guide

Does A Pressure Washer Hose Size Matter?

More powerful pressure washers tend to use a bigger hose. The smaller, electric pressure washers that produce up to 2500 psi will use a hose up to about 1/4-inch size. The 5/16-inch size is often used for pressure washers producing 2700 to 3400 psi. Once you get above 3400 PSI, you will generally need a 3/8-inch hose. 

Hose size has more to do with water flow than it does with pressure. You can use a narrower hose on a high-pressure machine so long as the rating match. However, it might restrict the gallons per minute or cause too much heat on the pump. 

Larger hose sizes seem to have a relatively negligible effect on pressure washers. 

What Connection Type Do You Need?

Likely, you will either need a screw-on M22 connection that will screw to your pressure washer pump and spray gun.

On professional models, it is common to find a quick-connection fitting instead of the screw-on design. 

If you end up with a screw-on type, you can buy an adapter that converts the M22 end to a quick connection end. It’s harder to find options that will convert the other way. 

What’s The Difference Between A Garden Hose And A Pressure Washer Hose?

A garden hose is designed for up to 60 PSI and to maximize water flow in gallons per minute, while a pressure washer hose is designed to withstand high pressures to deliver a powerful stream of water but at a lower volume. 

Pressure washers hoses are generally narrower and have the reinforced walls to withstand the 3,000+ PSI output of pressure. Connecting a garden hose to the output of a pressure washer could be life-threatening. Thankfully the connections used are not compatible, which keeps people from making that mistake.

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