Best Low Profile Floor Jack

Image of a car lifted on two jacks

What is a low profile jack? It is a jack that is about 3 inches tall that can slide under lowered cars. You can use one of these jacks on any vehicle. Many mechanics choose to buy a low-profile car jack so they are prepared for any repair that may come their way.

Most standard car jacks require a minimum access height of 5 inches or more, limiting the vehicles that you can work on. There are some situations where a standard jack is too tall to work.

Sports cars are a good example of this. Sports cars ride close to the ground to maximize airflow. The low profile floor jack easily slips underneath these vehicles.

Jacks with a low profile can also work extremely well in scenarios where you have a car with a flat tire. Flat tires shorten the distance between the body of the vehicle and the floor, so having a super slim jack to slide under there can be a game-changer.

Here is your buyer’s guide to some of the best low profile jack reviews. (I was shooting for a top-10 list, but only found 8 that I felt qualified. And then I realized a competing blog had to include some regular-height jacks in their inventory to get there’s to “Top 10”, so I feel a little better.)

Caution: Your head doesn’t perform well after being squished by a falling car. Always use Jack Stands when working around a lifted car. Most of the internal gaskets on these floor jacks cost less than 20 cents. Don’t trust your life to a 20-cent gasket! Use a Jack Stand!

Sunex 6602LP

product image of traxion Sunex 6602LP

I’m just warning you. There are several Arcan jacks reviewed below.

However, The Sunex outpaces the best Arcan model, in my opinion, as my top pick for what I believe to be the best low profile floor jack. Just as with their competitors, these guys run their products through the full safety certification with all of their jacks required to pass the ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment.

size comparison of Sunex 6602LP next to low profile car

This gives me peace of mind when I’m getting ready to crawl under my car.

This heavy-duty floor jack offers some features that you don’t see in the competition. For starters, it has an extra-low profile of 2.75 inches. There is only one other jack on this list with that low of minimum height. The steel construction gives you that added peace of mind when it comes to durability and longevity.

Then it has a 24-inch maximum height, making it suitable for use on SUV and pickups. Once again, there is only one other jack with a lift arm designed to match this performance.

From there, it runs away from the competition. The dual pump Rapid Rise technology allows you to raise it to the full height in under 7 pumps (when not under load).


  • 2.75″ minimum clearance
  • 24″ Lift height
  • Fast Lift Service Jack
  • ASME certified
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Weighs nearly 100 pounds

Arcan XL2T Low Profile Floor Jack

product image of traxion Arcan XL2T

This Arcan is one of my favorite jacks. It has a more significant lift range than pretty much any jack on this list. This fantastic little jack even made it onto my list of “best jacks for lifted trucks” because of its ability to reach a surprising 24 inches of lift height(For reference, most standard jacks only lift 18 inches).

The first differentiation is the extra-long base. With a 32-inch base, you can wheel this jack further underneath the vehicle, giving you a longer lifting arm for accessing jacking points that you can’t reach with most of the other jacks on this list.

If you only wanted one high-quality jack for your shop, this is the one to get. It is an ultra low profile model so you can slip it under any car that has at least 2.75 inches of clearance. Then, it raises the vehicle higher than most others, giving you the ability to work on trucks and SUV’s.

demonstration of Arcan XL2T Under Rear differential of car

The lifting range is one benefit, but the speed pumping feature overshadows that. This one uses dual pump pistons to power the jack up on both the up and the downstroke. This feature raises the jack swiftly at double speed until it engages with your vehicle and then continues to lift at half speed once under load.

This jack is lighter than most of the ones I’ve owned, which makes it a joy to slide around the garage and leaves you looking for things to jack up. It is low enough to slip under the frame of the lawnmower, which is the first jack I’ve run across that can do that.

Because of the extremely low profile, you can place a manufacturer-specific adapter on the rubber saddle, and still, have room to slide it underneath the car. For example, luxury models such as the BMW series, typically have a small disc that attaches to the unibody to protect it from getting damaged by a jack. On a lot of standard floor jacks, they are too tall to fit underneath your car once you have the adapter installed. Not so with the Arcan, it just slips right in.

Some of you might be concerned that this is only a 2-ton jack. Two tons is 4,000 pounds, which is the total weight of most of today’s cars. A full-sized pickup is about 5,000 to 6,000 pounds, and this jack could lift one corner of it with no problem. So I wouldn’t be worried about weight limits. (If you want more power, the Arcan ALJ3t offers a 3-ton aluminum jack with that added lifting capacity. The ALJ3T aluminum has a taller 3.75-inch minimum clearance.)

It is fully compliant with the ASME standard for added safety and peace of mind. This is a steel service jack that is designed for high pace work on everything from imports, high-end sports cars to farm trucks.

The big concern is that their customer service may be hard to reach for Warranty claims on the one-year manufacturer warranty. The good news is that if you get it delivered to you in good working condition, it shouldn’t need much warranty work.

So open the box as soon as it arrives and test the jack. If you have any issues, send it right back to the seller for a replacement.

As long as you get a good, working one from the factory, they seem to last pretty well Truck 


  • 2.75″ minimum clearance
  • 24″ Lift height
  • The 32-inch long wheelbase provides easy access to hard-to-reach spaces
  • ASME certified
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Weighs nearly 100 pounds
  • Customer Service/ Warranty response unclear

Liftmaster 3 Ton Jack

product image of Liftmaster 3 ton

I didn’t expect to put this one so high up here on the list. But, coming from the manufacturer of most of America’s garage door openers, I shouldn’t be surprised. This one offers a lot of great features inside a very underwhelming exterior.

This grey low profile floor jack not only offers dual pump like most of the others on this list, and this double pump offers nearly unmatched quick lifting! Without a load, you can have this jack fully extended to the max lift height 20 inches of in about 8 pumps. This means you will spend less time jacking and more time working.

The 3-inch low profile isn’t the lowest on the list, but I can’t imagine that there will be very many scenarios where you begrudge the added quarter of an inch that you are giving up. The fact that it raises to 20 inches is super exciting. There’s nothing more maddening than trying to jack up your SUV, only to discover that your jack is too short. This one should handle it nicely unless you have a lifted truck.

In the pictures, the wheels look like plastic, but they are metal. Nothing special, but they seem to roll around great on a shop floor.

The lifting circle is 4 inches, which is big enough to give you solid support, but not so large that you find yourself fighting with it. It should work great with any car-specific adapter that you want to put on it.

Assembly is just unwrapping it and assembling the handle. You’ll notice that the handle has a rubberized base to help protect your vehicle.

The big drawback with this model is that it doesn’t have a clear warranty. While it seems to be made by the same company that sells garage door openers, I’m struggling to verify that. I have some emails and phone calls still waiting on a response and will update this space when I hear something.

The bottom line is, this 3 ton-low-profile-floor-jack with a lift range from 3 inches to 20 inches, there is a lot to like about this jack. I’d be torn between the Arcan above and this one. The slightly lower profile of the Arcan and better warranty pushes me towards the Arcan. But if the Arcan were out of stock, I’d snap this one up.


  • 3″ minimum clearance
  •  20″ maximum lifting height
  •  Dual-piston lifting pump offers faster lifts


  • No Clear Warranty On Their Site

Arcan XL20 Black

product image of traxion Arcan XL20
Arcan XL20 in use
You’ll see another Arcan down below the Liftmaster. This company is selling some of the best floor jacks online. There are a couple of things that set their brand apart. The first thing is that they invest all of the proper certifications for their jacks. So you have standards like ASME PALD 2009 standard that they’ve paid for the additional testing to get certified for.

That’s a level of care that you don’t see from many of the other brands.

This jack is going to cost a tad more than most of the others on this list, but for good reason. This is a professional-level lift service jack that is going to take your shop to the next level.

The universal joint release mechanism gives you excellent control. Most of these just use tew gears that are connected together, but with the U-joint, this one meets a better standard of attachment and release finesse as you lower the jack back down.

This one also offers the dual-piston hydraulic lifting. This gives you that faster lifting speed when the jack is unloaded. It only takes a few pumps to get it connected to the vehicle. Once the jack feels resistance, it still lifts it quickly, just not as fast as it does when unloaded.

With a minimum lift height of 3.5 inches, I’m hesitant to include it on this list, but it should still slide nicely under most lowered cars. It isn’t quite as low-profile as most of the other ones on here. However, with a 24-inch maximum lift height, it will still work for a lot of applications, and it is an incredible jack, so I’m leaving it on the list. If you want a slimmer jack, look at the Liftmaster or Arcan reviewed below.

The only downside with Arcan jacks is that their customer service seems to be challenging to reach if there is a warranty issue. (If any of you figure out the easiest way to reach them, let me know.)


  • 18.5″ Lift height
  • Affordable
  • passes the 2009 ASME PALD
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 3.5″ minimum clearance isn’t the lowest
  • Warranty response unclear
  •  97 pounds

JEGS 80006 Aluminum Floor Jack

Image of JEGS 80006

As a kid, I always wanted a JEGS performance jack. The logo looked so cool, their jacks weighed so little, and it seemed like all of my dad’s rich friends had one.

This one carries on that tradition. At only 49 pounds, this aluminum floor jack is one of the lightest that you will encounter. The all-aluminum construction is durable enough and has undergone rigorous standards to ensure it holds up to your daily use.

The lightweight feel is going to be handy whenever you are trying to get a job done quickly. This one moves so easily that you are going to love wheeling it out to put it to use.

close up of Jegs 8006 lift pad

The low-profile feature allows you to lift any vehicle that is at least 3.5 inches off the ground. That isn’t as low as the Arcan, but plenty low for pretty much all but the most slammed cars. It can then lift the vehicle 19.5 inches into the air which gives you more than enough clearance for wheeling under your ride with your creeper.

The 50-inch handle is worth discussing. It comes in a two-piece design for ease of shipping and storage, with the far end offering a knurled pattern for maximum control and the rubber bottom providing added protection to your car to prevent bumps and bangs.

The circular rubber lift pad provides an excellent grip without marring but also goes well with the jack adapters that are out there.

The one downside is that I haven’t been able to uncover much on the company warranty policy. The 80006 isn’t the most expensive Jegs product out there, but it feels pretty good. If you want to make sure your purchase is fully protected, then you might want to explore the Jegs warranty in a little more detail.


  •  Only weighs 49 pounds
  •  19.5″ maximum height


  • 3.5-inch minimum lift
  •  It only appears to have a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Unable to find a Longer warranty on the product. 

PowerBuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile

product image of PowerBuilt 620

This one is a pretty cool setup, and a little different from the other ones on this list.

Image of powerbuilt 620479 on Toyota Supra

The first thing you’ll like is a 2.75-inch minimum clearance. Just like the Arcan above, it is easy to get it underneath any vehicle. It has a 15.5-inch maximum height. This isn’t as wide of a range as some of the jacks we’ve reviewed here, but it is perfect for those who mostly work on personal cars.

The lifting pad is a little different from the simple circular discs that we usually see. This one seems to provide better support on the vehicle, but might not be the right choice if you are buying an adapter with which to lift your luxury vehicle.

The best attribute of this jack is the safety bar that locks it into place. Once you get it raised, you can slide a safety bar into place, effectively converting this jack into a jack stand. For those cars where it is hard to use a jack stand safely, this added safety feature is a nice one to have.

One of the cool features of this jack is the lifetime warranty. They seem to have a pretty easy-to-reach warranty team to help you get it repaired.


  • 2.75-inch minimum clearance
  • Square lifting pad
  • Extra locking bar replaces the need for jack stands
  • Only about 60 pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 15.5-inch maximum height

Pittsburgh 3-Ton Low Profile Steel Service Jack

product image of Pittsburgh 3-ton

Pittsburgh is a house brand for Harbor Freight tools. If you’ve been doing mechanic work in America for more than a couple of years, you undoubtedly already own some Pittsburgh tools.

This one is going to run from about 3 inches of minimum clearance and lift to 19.75 inches of total lifting height.

The Pittsburgh automotive jacks seem to be surprisingly durable. With the full-steel floor jack design, you don’t have to worry about issues with material flexing and warping. This jack gives you that heavy-duty design that a lot of the lightweight jacks seem to be missing.

demonstration of pittsburgh 3-ton on car with low-profile wheels

 Three-ton floor jacks feel very sturdy on for every job that you use it. It feels incredibly stable whether you are lifting a 4-cylinder Ford Focus or an old straight-6 Ford F150.

This one has a pretty big following among the mechanics who are working out of their garage. This jack isn’t going to break the bank, and it is going to give you a lot more flexibility in the range of repairs that you can do.

As with the Arcan, this is a Floor Jack with Rapid Pump. It moves you right up, and you don’t feel like you are continually pumping with no progress. One thing to note is that the rapid pump seems to slow as you reach the maximum height. It almost feels as if the jack loses a little power and struggles to get those last few pumps of pressure.

The only drawback with this model is the 90-day warranty. With Harbour Freight Tool companies all across America, it should make any warranty returns easier, but they don’t give you as long of a window to find problems. That said, as cheap as this tool is, you could buy a couple of these for the price of one of the competitors.


  • 3-inch minimum clearance
  • 19.75inch maximum height
  • Only about 79 pounds
  • Dual Piston Rapid Lift
  • Affordable


  • 90-day warranty

Powerzone 380049 1.5-Ton

product image of Powerzone 380049

The Powerzone 380049 is one of the lighter-duty Jacks with a 1.5 Ton capacity. However, before you write this jack off, you have to realize that it only weighs 27 pounds. It’s so light that you can easily pick it up and carry it with one hand.

It also has a permanently attached, retractable handle that folds forward for compact storage.

Considering that jacks like that the Pittsburgh reviewed above weighs almost three times as much, this one is worth looking up.

An earlier version, the Powerzone 380044 has been on the list for a while. It had the bigger 3-ton capacity, and I am bummed that they’ve quit making it.

The rubber lifting pad helps to protect your car and provides a non-slip lifting surface.

You’ll notice that it uses a single roller bar on the front instead of extra wheels. This helps facilitate the lower profile of 3.5 inches. However, it also means that you probably only want to use this one on concrete or asphalt.

There’s no dual pump or other cool features to set this pump apart. You do have the safety valve, which prevents overload.

The big win with this model is how lightweight and transportable it is. Fold and go, and you have a low profile 1.5-ton aluminum floor jack that you can deploy with a moment’s notice


  • Only weighs 27 pounds
  •  Good as a portable jack for sports cars


  • 1.5-ton limit
  • 3.5″ minimum lift clearance required
  • 14.75 ” maximum lift height

ProLift F767

product image of ProLift F767

The ProLift F767 might take the title when it comes to budget-friendly low-profile jack options.

You’ll notice that the design is much narrower than the other jacks on this list. This is just one way where they manage to save money. The finish isn’t going to be quite as durable on it, and if you get one with a bent jacking lever, well, that is par for the course.

What this jack offers is an affordable option for those guys who need to jack their car three times a year to change the oil.

The minimum height is 3.5 inches, so not the shortest jack, but still qualifying as low-profile jack. It then reaches a maximum height of 14 inches, so it has a much shorter maximum height than most of them on this list.

It definitely would be too short to work on an SUV.

The jack comes with a 90-day warranty. This gives you enough time to get that task done that you have in mind. However, if you come back in 6 months and all of the hydraulic fluid has leaked out in a puddle, then you are out of luck.

The ProLift F767 is the ideal jack for those of you have a quick problem you need to fix, and you aren’t worried about how long the jack will last


  • Steel Construction
  •  Only about 32 pounds


  • 1.5-ton limit
  • 3.5″ minimum lift clearance required
  • 14 ” maximum lift height


If you want the most versatile jack with durability to boot, look at the Sunex 6602LP with a super-fast pumping mechanism, a range of 2.75 inches to 24 inches and swivel casters for 360-degree control

Low profile jack for brake change


What is a Low-Profile Jack?

Vehicles that are low to the ground or that have a flat tire, don’t have the same clearance for a full-sized jack. A low-profile jack is under 4 inches tall and able to fit under these vehicles.  

What Floor Jack Is Good For A Corvette Z06, C5, C6 or C7?

On your Corvette, be sure to use the proper jacking pucks. Most jacks come with a larger lifting pad that will damage your Corvette if it isn’t used with the correct adapter. The ground clearance on a stock Corvette is around 3 inches. 


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