Best Heavy Duty Staplers

Most of the time, we discuss tools. However, staplers are one of those items that span both the tool category and the office supply category. 

For this list, I want to discuss the best heavy duty staplers that can handle hundreds of sheets of paper and thick stacks of paper. Then, I also want to discuss the heavy-duty construction staplers used to secure tarps and garage sale signs. 

My goal is to speed up your task and make it easier on your hands.

If you don’t have the muscle power to staple 150+ sheets of paper together, this list of heavy duty staplers will revolutionize your perspective. 

Types Of Staplers

  • Normal Staplers: Designed for stacks of paper up to about 20 sheets of paper. This threshold has been pushed up to 40 pages on some of the more modern designs. 
  • Heavy Duty Staplers: Designed for paper stacks from 20 sheets of paper on up to 100 or more. I’ve also included staple gun used in the construction industry. The heavy-duty stapler lets you pre-load the spring. Then, two bars move, relating all of the force in one powerful burst to drive the staple deeply into the stack of paper. 

Best Heavy Duty Staplers Reviews

Swingline Electric Heavy Duty Staplers (70-sheet)

Finding a high-capacity electric stapler took more work than I expected. There are several that can do stacks of 20-40 sheets of paper. Swingline raises the bar with this 70-sheet electric stapler. 

The first thing I love about this tool is that it doesn’t jam. When you need to be productive, this stapler delivers seamlessly, with the rubber base holding it in place while you work. 

The other feature that is extremely nice is the flat clinch stapling. Instead of curling the paper’s edge where the staple is, this one lets the paper lie flat. When you stack many stapled reports, the ones done by this stapler will lie flatter and more smoothly. 

It has a 5,000 staple cartridge, requiring you to replace the entire cartridge. In most offices, you are only going to need to refill it twice a year. 

If you are tired of your secretaries looking unprofessional as they fight their stapler, this is the best stapler to get. 

Power Force 175

Where this office desk stapler shines is in the oversized, 3/4-inch staples that it comes with. This larger size seems to help when punching through a large stack of papers. It’s also a standard staple size that makes replacements easy to find. 

This larger staple size is the best stapler for stacks of paper from 20 sheets up to 175 sheets. 

However, you can also use it for shorter stacks. Just slip in a 3/8” staple, and it is perfect for two sheets up to about 50 sheets. 

It also comes with a flat clinch.

 Technology. This gives you a flatter finish with a flush staple for the most professional look. 

This is also one of the only heavy duty staplers that seem to handle cardboard stapling. 

The best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty. 

If you are ok buying from a smaller brand name, this is the only one I would consider.

Bostitch Anti-Microbial 215-Sheet Capacity

What I hate about most of these staplers is how inconsistent their performance is. When I am stapling, I want to move through my work quickly and with consistent performance. Bent staples that I have to dig out with needle-nose pliers are my biggest gripe.

This Bostitch is one of the only models that seems to deliver that consistent performance without bending staples. The built-in anti-jam technology saves you a tone of time. This is especially handy when you work in an office with interns or at college with inexperienced students. 

The second thing I love about this stapler is that it is truly an all-in-one tool. It can handle papers from 2 sheets all the way up to 215 sheets. This means you only need to purchase one stapler to handle all of your classrooms or copier room’s task.

The staple size that you load this with is what dictates how much you can staple. Here is the guide: 

  • ¼”: 2 – 25 Sheets
  • 3/8”: 25 – 55 Sheets
  • ½”: 55 – 85 Sheets
  • 5/8”: 85 – 130 Sheets
  • 13/16”: 130 – 165 Sheets
  • 15/16”: 165 – 215 Sheets. 

You may want to purchase a few different stapler sizes and label their boxes with the thickness you plan on using them for. 

One caveat: this stapler seems to hate cardboard. Something about cardboard causes it to jam. 

It’s a little large for leaving on your desk but sits nicely next to the copier. Additionally, the unit-microbial coating helps cut down on bacterial growth when used in a large office with multiple employees. 

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 160-sheet

Folks who don’t read this post, generally start with this Swingline Stapler. It’s metal construction, and reinforced anvil makes it a reliable beast of a tool. 

As with the other models, you can load it with any Swingline stapler. For everyday use, the 3/8-inch size works well. When you are doing the big stacks, load it with the 3/4-inch length. 

This model has a long reach with the 2-5/8” throat depth. When you need to get deep on a page, this stapler does the trick. 

You’ll especially appreciate the anti-jam feature. Anytime it jams, just push the button on the front to clear the jammed staplers and get back to work. 

This is a high-performance stapler that requires very little pressure to get the job done. 

Onotio Heavy Duty 100-Paper Stapler

This is the classic remake of the old-school stapler my grandmother had on her desk. Heavy and made from solid metal, this is one of the most durable tools on this list. (It could probably double as a hammer). 

If some of the flimsy staplers are driving you crazy, this one offers better performance and at a fraction of the name brand models’ cost. One of the reasons it is so affordable is that they created an easy-access jam-clearing port.

When paper jams occur, you can easily clear them and get back to work. 

Onotio makes a few different models, including one that can handle up to 150 sheets of paper.

With this model, a swift, solid push on the handle seems to be the best solution. This lets you push the staple firmly through the paper with the least amount of jams. 

Once you master this technique, the Onotio 150-sheet high capacity stapler becomes one of the most reliable. 

It comes with 1,000 of the 1/2-inch sized staples.

Blue Summit 240 Sheet Stapler

This Blue Summit Stapler has a massive opening (up to 1 inch tall) to feed huge stacks of paper. 

In addition to the wider opening, this one also comes with a longer handle. This makes it easy to get the leverage you need to push the staples through the stack.

The other nice thing with this stapler is that it can handle two different stapler sizes. The 23/13 staplers are great for offices that need to staple 100 pages or less. 23/24 staples are needed for stapling 240 pages together. 

The downside is that it’s difficult to find shallower staples for the light-duty use you will mostly be doing around the office. The 23/13 staples are too long for standard work. 

The other feature that I love is the adjustable staple guide. This allows you to easily get the exact stable on the paper every time. When you are stapling a bunch of projects, this helps the finished stack to be more consistent. 

Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme Duty

This stapler seems to be the gold standard when reviewed by a lot of other bloggers. It has the leveraged one-touch ergonomic handle that makes stapling easy. 

Where this stapler stands out among all of the other tools is in the one-size-fits-all stapling capacity. This lets it staple from 2 sheets up to 180 sheets with a single staple. When stapling smaller stacks, this stapler cuts the ends of the long-staple off. 

Every stack gets a custom staple. 

This manual stapler seems to possibly struggle with longevity. While it has built-in with anti-jamming technology and an easy, self-cleaning mechanism, it seems to eventually start jamming. 

Otherwise, this is an extremely heavy desk stapler that finally solves the problem of stapling different stack sizes. 

Swingline Optima

This smaller desktop stapler from Swingline finds the best in-between option for those who don’t staple 100+ sheets of paper daily. 

Bigger than your standard secretary-sized model, it can handle up to 70 sheets of paper. 

Where this model excels is in its ergonomic action. It requires less pressure, allowing you to do larger stacks with less effort. 

Additionally, the high capacity magazine lets you load a full strip of staples, so you don’t have to stop as frequently to reload it. Or, you can go with the space-saving half-strip model.

And then it has flat-clinch technology that creates a smoother finished product. This helps create flatter stacks of paper that don’t curl where they are stapled, allowing you to make neater, flatter stacks. 

It also opens to make tacking posters easy. 

Keep in mind that you have to purchase the Swingline Optima 40 staples to get that smooth, jam-free operation. 

Bostitch Executive Stapler

This is a high-quality statement piece that is fitting for the secretary and CEO alike. 

The big advantage of this stapler is that it requires 80% less pressure in stapling. Simply press it with one finger to staple up to 20 sheets of paper at once. 

It has added storage underneath the stapler so you can keep your extra staples organized. Reloading is easy — just raise the top and slide a row in. 

You can also open it wide for tacking. 

If you need a simple, affordable stapler, this one makes it easy. Your biggest challenge will be keeping it from being stolen.

Neu Master Electric Upholstery Staple Gun

I wanted to include some of these larger, construction-style staple gun. (This is a tool site, after all!). 

One of the things I like about an electric stapler is that it does not require an air compressor. With a quick trigger pull, you can deliver your staples. It weighs less than three pounds and works in any position. 

This one will deliver up to 1/2-inch staples and handles all of the most common configurations. 

If you have a big job coming up and are dreading the sore hands that comes from squeezing a manual stapler, this is one to go with. 

At 500 staples per charge, you are looking at the ultimate productivity machine. 

Stanley TR150 Sharp Shooter

Most folks buy a simple, cheap, metal staple gun. They hate using it, but you have to own one. 

This Stanley SharpShooter doesn’t cost that much more than the cheapest competitors but offers a comfortable, easy-to-squeeze trigger design. This makes it way more comfortable to use, especially when working on a large upholstery project. 

For the DIY craftsman who wants to use T50 staples, this is an excellent option. It is lightweight and provides some of the least fatigue. 

Granted, if I was doing big stapling jobs, I’d want an electric stapler instead of this hand-squeeze option.

You can go load it with the cheaper Arrow Fastener T50 staplers or the Stanley-branded SharpShooter staplers. 

Even if stapling through pine or paneling, this one will get the job done and leave you smiling the whole time. 

Buying Guide

Do You Need A Heavy Duty Stapler?

If you are regularly stapling more than 40 pages together, investing in the best heavy duty stapler can make a world of difference. Generally, you would have a standard stapler that can handle your smaller tasks and the best heavy duty stapler for stacks taller than 20 pages. 

How Much Do They Cost?

Generally, the price will be around $20-$50 but can exceed $200, depending on the features. 

The old saying goes that “we can send a man to the moon, but we can’t build a working stapler.” In many ways, that statement is quite true. As you invest in a better stapler, the price often goes up, but lets you purchase new innovations that hopefully decrease the likelihood of jams. 

How To Reload A Heavy Duty Stapler

Generally, you will load them from the bottom to the top. 

On the TR50-style guns, simply push down the lever at the gun’s rear, and the cartridge and loading spring will pull out. You can slide a new stack of staples in. 

On the Swingline-style staplers, you generally have to pull up forcefully on the handle to open the top. Sometimes there is a small button on the front of the stapler that you depress before lifting the handle.

Where To Buy The Best Heavy Duty Stapler

You can generally pick them up online at Amazon or an office supply site like Staples. Additionally, your hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot offer gun-style heavy duty staplers for working on upholstery and paneling. If you do a lot of this type of work, consider a pneumatic stapler. 

How To Unjam Your Heavy Duty Stapler

The best trick is to keep a pair of needle-nose pliers around. This lets you quickly remove stuck staplers and lets you get back to work. 

If the staple doesn’t pull out from the bottom, consider scooping it out from the top with a bent nail. 

Advantages (And Disadvantages) Of Heavy-Duty Staplers

These industrial-strength heavy duty staplers have the staple length needed to drive deep into a stack of papers or to go through tough material such as plastic or wood. 

A more powerful spring system then drives the longer stapling length. 

This gives you the advantage of a more secure hold on larger stacks of paper. 

The downside with these models is that if you have fewer than 20 papers, the staples will look smashed and may jam the machine. 

So you need to have a regular desktop stapler in addition to your heavy-duty one.

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