The 10 Best Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Our family has a gas pressure washer that is used by the extended relatives. We just keep track of where it is in a messenger thread, and anyone can borrow it to freshen up their fences, clean their decks, Grungry driveways and sidewalks or wash their vinyl siding or their RV.

Cleaning the mildew can extend the life and value of your possessions. A Pressure washed fence turns your backyard from an eyesore to a property that people are clambering to buy.

It’s one of those tools that puts money back into your pocket.

Electric pressure washers are handy, and we have a separate list for those. On this list, we only included the ones that have a gas-powered engine. You’ll find that the best gas pressure washers offer more power and more portability than the electric models.

I was just talking to a friend who’s dad got laid off from the Covid-19 pandemic. He loaded the pressure washer into the back of his truck and started door knocking. A few weeks later, he has more business than he can keep.

Best Gas Pressure Washers

1. Pressure Pro EB4040HC Heavy Duty Professional 4,000 PSI 4.0 GPM

Most of the pressure washers on this list will be slightly smaller. It seems that the standard is to get offers 3,200 PSI with a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

This commercially-rated pressure washer is designed to deliver more power. This lets you make shorter work of your jobs and unlocks the ability to do cleaning tasks that the standard household models can’t handle.

Some durability features make me a big fan of this model. For one, you get the Honda GX390 gasoline engine. This is part of their commercial series.

Most of us have used Honda small engines before, but this GX series is designed to be more fuel-efficient and run for long hours while being forgotten. They also deliver better torque and horsepower, allowing them to run slightly quieter than their standard series of engines.

Even though this is a larger, 11.7 horsepower motor, the easy-start design takes the trepidation out of starting this engine.

The pump itself is a pump-driven Cat Pump. Cat pumps have been producing pumps since 1968, making them one of the industry’s most recognized names. Their pumps are sometimes referred to as the “pumps with nine lives” as their unique triplex plunger pump design.

When these pumps first entered the market, they were heralded for their ability to deliver 10x the lifespan of the competing pump designs.

The belt design also helps extend the pump’s lifespan since the pump runs at half the speed of direct-drive pumps. The aluminum belt guard is durable, yet easy to remove should the need arise. It has three belts driving the pump to reinforce the drive action of the engine and prevent breakage. If you are running it more than 20 hours a week (or for more than 4 hours at a time), a belt drive is the only way to go.

Because this power washer is so powerful, the pressure regulator on the end is a handy feature. If you are a commercial trucking company that is concerned about employees hurting the paint finishes of the trucks, you can set it with this power regulator to protect the finish.

Rounding out this design is the High-end gun and wand assembly and 5, quick-connect nozzle tips. The added insulation on the gun keeps it feeling comfortable when you are running hot water through it.

Most of our readers will hook this up to their garden hose and enjoy having them that extra power. I imagine a few Semi truck owners will pick this one up for their fleet.

If you want to begin cleaning commercially, you can connect this to a tank of water, and unleash the ultimate in mobile performance.

2. Simpson Cleaning Honda GX390 – Commercial Cleaning Kit

If I was looking to start a pressure washing company, this is the model I would purchase. 

Simpson has created a very smart, affordable, mobile solution for pressure washing. With this trailer and it’s 150-gallon tank, you can hook up and go. This lets you easily clean those sites where you don’t have access to a water supply. 

As much as possible, you will want to use the local water supply when cleaning. However, in California and Las Vegas, where water costs are high, you might be required to bring your own water. 

Also, when cleaning large parking lots, you won’t have access to enough water to reach everywhere. 

The Honda engine is the powerful GX390 engine. This is the powerful, commercial-grade Honda engine with a 3-year warranty. As with the above model, it is then paired with a triplex CAT pump. Now, this one isn’t belt-driven, and I wish it was. However, it still has the power you need with 4,200 PSI. The 4.0 GPM also gives you enough to run a foam cannon. 

 The high-pressure hose is mounted on a hose reel, which makes hose management easy when you are packing up after a job. You need a place to put any garden hose, as the trailer doesn’t come with a mount for that. There is also enough room to mount an external gas tank for longer run times. You can run detergent through this machine through the attached detergent hose. 

Once again, this is primarily a commercial machine, and this one is designed for working without a good water supply. It is extremely popular at apartment complexes and universities for towing with a golf cart. It also handles highway speeds well.

It fills a critical need and is one of those setups that isn’t talked about enough.

3. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S 3200 PSI – Best Pressure Washer For Homeowners

While I’m pleased that this article covers a lot of pressure washers that competing blogs have missed, the Simpson Cleaning Megashot is one that we can all agree on. With 3,200 PSI, this is one powerhouse of a cleaning machine that packaged on a small, easy-to-roll cart. The 10-inch pneumatic wheels make it a pleasure to move around, even when working on a job site’s rough ground.

It puts out 2.5 Gallons per minute for aggressive water flow. If you’ve worked with 2500 PSI machines before, you may be like, “what’s the big deal?” However, the added 500-700 PSI from the bigger pump makes a noticeable difference in the cleaning power. You’ll especially notice the difference when cleaning stubborn stains out of the driveway.

The 2.5 GPM flow is also needed for a foam cannon. You need that massive water flow to get the proper foaming action.

It also pairs well with other attachments like the driveway cleaner attachment for deep-scrubbing concrete and asphalt.

Unlike the Pressure Pro model above, this one has a place to hang your wand and high-pressure hose when you do not use it.

It brings the Honda engine power to every job. Honda is well known for its reliability, and the GC 190 residential engines are no different. The Honda motor is one of the most reliable options. For longevity. They also run each machine and test it in the factory before shipping it to prevent arrival issues. There are a lot of machines with the same engine, but the added pump power on the Simpson MSH3125 makes it a clear winner.

The five quick-connect nozzles allow you to use everything from low-pressure to apply soap to high pressure to remove paint. The brass quick connect hoses hold up a lot longer. It’s less likely for them to get rusted or stuck, and the water flow is more consistent.

I also like the all-metal hose connector design for where your garden hose screws in. On some of the cheaper models, they use plastic for this part, and the plastic tends to snap under heavy use.

Honestly, I think most of my readers need this machine. You can clean your farm equipment with it, wash off a fleet of trucks, or clean your house. The biggest challenge is going to keep everyone from borrowing it from you.

There is no separate detergent tank, but you can run a little hose from your detergent bottle to the pump. This seems to work pretty well and is a standard way for most of these machines.

4. MI T-M CM 3000

What the MI-T-M company lacks in branding power, they make up for in their unique, durable pressure-washer design.

Mi-T-M makes a lot of industrial equipment. Their pressure washers were created to fill a need for those who need a commercial pressure washer. They offer some of the largest air compressors, generators, and pressure washer.

The parts are manufactured in China, but they have a large facility in Iowa where everything is assembled. All of their products meet UL safety standards. It’s a level of quality that is hard to find in the industry.

The CM or “ChoreMaster” series is designed for heavy use around the house. With 3,000 PSI, it has plenty of cleaning power.

One of the other nice features is the built-in detergent dispenser. You can add detergent to it for more powerful cleaning action, and it is less cumbersome than working with deeper cleaning action. This is extremely handy for removing mold from vinyl siding.

The low-pressure black nozzle should be used when delivering detergent. Once you’ve applied it, you can then come through and rinse the dirt off with a high-pressure stream.

Mi-T-M has an excellent track record. They stand behind their products with a 1-year warranty on the pump and a 1-year warranty on the engine.

5. Generac SpeedWash 7122 – Best Pressure Washer For Teenagers or Employees

Generac is well-known for its generators. This pressure washer takes what they learned from creating generators and applied it to a very user-friendly power washer design.

One of the biggest selling points of the Generac OneWash is that you can control the pressure with the handy turn of a knob. This power dial lets you choose from different pressure settings. This is especially handy when you have an employee washing a car, and you want to avoid them taking paint off. They’ve moved the power dial-up to the handle of the spray gun on these newer models, making it easy to adjust as needed.

With too much pressure, a pressure washer can literally take the paint off of a car.

This gives you the same flexibility as owning four different pressure washers.

So with this model, you can protect the delicate items, while still having the high power needed to get the big jobs done quickly.

There are a lot of different models to choose from. In 49 USA states, you can save some money by purchasing the models that have lower emission controls added.

Generac also makes models that are compliant with California’s strict emissions laws, making this one of the few available models for purchase and use in California.

The other big feature is the turbo nozzle. This helps concentrate the power for concrete cleaning and lets you get your property looking as good as possible. If you are like me and have a lot of grass trying to grow over the edges of the driveway and sidewalk, these can be used to help edge it and push it back. The broom attachment is also nice when you are finished for getting that finishing touch in less time.

Generac has invested good money into their marketing campaign. You’ve probably seen late-night infomercials on it, and the tool lives up to the hype.

For the homeowner, there are more features on this than most, and you can put your thirteen-year-old on it and use the power setting to keep them from hurting delicate finishes.

If you fill out the warranty card, you get a one year warranty from the date of purchase. However, aside from some damages during shipping, it seems that most of these Generac models have longevity that you’re looking for.

With the 70191 model, you have a detergent container for making it easy to suds up whatever surface you are cleaning and to kill mildew or cut grease.

6. Karcher 11073860 G3000 XK

We’ve talked about a lot of high-end pressure washers. The Generac is one of the best that is geared heavily for the homeowner with a lot of user-friendly features.

This Karcher simplifies power washing. Their German-engineered products are designed to deliver the best cleaning experience, and their products have been used to clean the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore.

You get a 3,000 PSI axial pump with 2.4 GPM water flow. This is going to clean anything you want. Just plug and play, and you’ll be impressed with how well it removes stubborn stains from the driveway and mold from the vinyl siding.

As with some of our favorite models, this one has a detergent tank. Just add your all-purpose cleaner, and use the black, low-pressure soap nozzle to pre-soap everything. With this model, you can also remove the detergent tank for cleaning and storage.

Then, come back through with a high-pressure nozzle to remove the gunk.

Durability is always important when buying your first pressure washer. The Karcher uses a highly-reliable Kohler engine. And, they stand behind it with a two-year warranty.

This is a good, medium-range model that is backed by a brand name that will support your investment.

7. Champion 3 200 PSI Dolly-Style Model

The Champion 3200 is an incredible model that offers a strong competitor to the Karcher model.

Champion is a unique brand in that they build their own engines. Most of the other brands simply buy an engine and a pump and assemble them. Champion does more of their construction in-house.

This model has a lot of features that we look for. It has the 1/3 gallon removable detergent tank. This is a good size that allows you to work longer with fewer breaks to refill. It also has a 25-foot high-pressure hose, with a good spot to store the hose and the power washing wand. And the five different quick-connect nozzles make it easy to swap out the different spray patterns based on what you are doing.

The other benefit of this model is that it uses a standard M22 connection from the pressure pump to the hose. This means that any after-market accessories that use an M22 connection can work with this model. The only downside is that some of the heavy-duty accessories need a Quick-connect instead. So just check your existing accessories to make sure it will fit.

This pressure washer is EPA and CARB compliant and has a 2-year warranty. For cleaning jobs around the house, this is a high-end model that you cannot go wrong with.

8. Wen PW3100 208 cc Pressure Washer – A Cheap, High-Pressure Model

I’ve had some readers ask me to review some cheap gas-powered pressure washers that were still reliable. In fact, a lot of people buy smaller models with less power, which can lead to a frustrating experience.

This Wen PW3100 is a perfect answer. IT comes with a powerful 208 cc engine (Around seven horsepower) that pushes out 2.5 gallons per minute with ease. The 3,100 PSI gives you an unbelievable amount of power to clean stubborn spots from concrete and take wood decking back to the original.

The oversized 12-inch wheels make it easy to roll over obstacles, even though it uses never-flat foam tires.

As with the other models in this price range, you are getting an axial pump. Axial pumps create a very steady stream of pressure. The drawback to them is that they may not last as long as the commercial pumps. With the WEN brand, you care about getting a well-respected model that has a track record of going the distance. Wen stands behind this model with a 2-year warranty.

It also comes with a 30-foot high-pressure hose and a spray wand. The five different nozzles swap out easily, and it has a soap tank for adding detergent.

If you want a cheap pressure washer that will last, I would choose the Wen.

9. Simpson CM60912 Clean Machine 2400 PSI – Cheapest Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

As demonstrated by this list, Simpson is well-represented as one of the best brands that you could choose from. If you are worried about the WEN model and would rather give up a little power to buy a cheaper model, you will appreciate the CM60912.

It is only the 2,400 PSI model, which makes it great to clean cars, boats, RVs, and get mildew off of the siding. It will power a foam cannon just fine and has the power to remove stuck bugs from the car. Where you might want more water flow is when deep-cleaning concrete stains.

This one uses an Axial Cam pump that is driven by a 149 cc engine, which should be around 6.75 horsepower.

As with the Wen and the Champion, it has an M22 connection, which makes it easy to shop for replacement parts. It already has a 25 horsepower motor, which gives you plenty of reach.

The on-board soap dispenser makes it easy to apply soap, but you have three spray nozzles compared to the five nozzles that most of the other models come with. These are quick-connect nozzles that slip firmly into place.

Overall, this is a splendid little machine that is going to save you a ton of money on equipment rental. And, when you are done, the handle folds down for easy transport from job to job.

With a two-year engine warranty and a one-year pump warranty, this is a well-supported residential model that will barely tickle your pocketbook.

10. Ford 3,100 PSI FPWG3100H-J

Wishing you could get a pressure washer as durable as your Ford truck?

Your wish is a reality.

There are some features that I really like about this model. First, you get a seven horsepower motor that delivers an excessive amount of power for the small size. The handle also folds down, making it easy to store in the garage. And the foam-filled wheels are never flat, but still soft enough to roll up steps with ease.

There is a storage space for the wand and for 30 feet of hose. This makes it easy to pack everything up when you are finished.

At this price point, the axial pump is the standard option, and this Ford model is no different. It delivers the 3,100 pounds per square inch of pressure, keeping it in the same league as some of the best machines that we’ve talked about.

The big drawback is how proprietary it is. If the hose fails, it seems like there may be some difficulty in finding a replacement hose that will fit it. And the pump outlet does not seem to work well with other common accessories on the market like the foam cannons and driveway washers.

Drawbacks aside, it comes with a two-year warranty, which makes it easy to fix problems as they arise.

The limited number of accessories that are available for this model means that I would lean towards one of the other models unless I was dedicated to buying the Ford brand name.

Gas Powered Pressure Washer Buying Guide

If this is you are a first-type pressure washer shopper, there may be a few questions you would like clarified. This list will help.

Pressure washers deliver 75 times more pressure than you can get out of a standard garden hose. They also use less water, which saves money on your water bill and leaves less mess.

If you’ve shopped many garage sales, you’ve undoubtedly come across many broken pressure washers that “runs but don’t work.” This buying guide helps you avoid that scenario while helping you to get the most pressure washer for your money.

Axial Cam Pump Vs. Triplex Pump

Axial pumps use a spinning aperture design that allows it to rotate at the same speed as the engine. This reduces the need for additional gearing between the motor and the pump. The downside is that these pumps deal with more heat and don’t last as long. However, if you are handy, you can always replace the pump later.

In most of these cheaper models, the Axial pump is the first to go, not the motor.

The triplex plunger pump design is a newer design (1960’s) that runs cooler and is often geared to run more slowly than the engine. This creates a very smooth stream of water, and these units are often capable of pushing a higher volume of water at all pressure loads.

The triplex plunger design is going to last for a long time and is the only choice if you use your pressure washer multiple times a week.

Electric Vs. Gas Powered Pressure Washers

I’m always concerned about mixing electricity and water. However, electric pressure washers are extremely affordable and make an excellent tool for keeping things clean.

You’ll have less pressure with an electric pressure washer. However, it is enough to clean a car. And while they won’t do the deep cleaning that you get out of a gas pressure washer, our neighbor’s driveway always looks pretty fly, thanks to his little electric model.

Keep in mind that you need to be near a power supply, and you’ll want a long extension cord. You don’t want to combine extension cords as that creates a gap that water can get in.

With a gasoline engine, a pressure washer can move anywhere in the yard, and you only need a garden hose long enough to reach from the house to your project. They also have more power delivering a deeper cleaning job.

Cart Type And Weight

The best models have air-filled tires to make it easy to wheel your pressure washer to each job. Smaller wheels can sink in mud or gravel. Most of these pressure washers are going to weigh at least 48 pounds, so you want them to roll easily to adapt to the different terrains.

Pressure and GPM

The pressure that a power washer puts out is one of the most important considerations in how fast and how deeply it cleans. A 2,500 PSI model can clean deeply, but a 3,000 PSI model will clean even more deeply and get the job done much faster.

Gallons per minute is an important measure when using accessories such as a driveway cleaner or foam cannon.

Hot Water Use

None of the models on this list are qualified to work with hot water. Hot water can be handy for removing deep grease stains from a parking lot. However, they require a more robust pump with a brass head that can handle the heat.


Most good-quality pressure washers will require you to invest around $300 or more. Commercial-grade washers that are designed for all-day use will likely cost $1500 or more.

Are Pressures Washers Dangerous?

It is important to realize that these could take your skin off. Never stick any body part in front of the powerful stream, and make sure that children and pets keep a safe distance. Always maintain control of the wand and wear good foot protection.

How To Start Your Gas Pressure Washer

Fill With Oil

If it is a new pressure washer, it may have been shipped without oil. Check the oil levels and add them as necessary.

Fill With Fuel

Your Gasoline-powered pressure washer needs good-quality fuel. Gasoline goes bad in about a week, so make sure to use fresh gas. When done, you should drain the unused gas.

Connect The Garden Hose

You never want to run the engine without having a water flow to the pump. Otherwise, it can cause the pump to overheat. Connect the water supply and make sure it is on and flowing before starting.

Add Detergent If Desired

If you are getting ready to wash with soap, you will want to add the detergent and run the hose from the pump to the detergent container. Also, choose the low-pressure.

Start the engine

Be aware that the engine may not turn. This can cause it to yank the cord out of your hand.

This is what happens when they are shipped with oil in them.

Sometimes they get turned over, and oil leaks up into the cylinder, which prevents it from turning.

If this is the case, you’ll want to remove the carburetor, disconnect the spark plug, and turn the engine by hand to push the oil out.

Then, you can re-assemble it, and it should start easily.

Be Careful When Changing Nozzles

ProTip: Before connecting the nozzles, put a little oil on their rubber seals. This helps the slip in better without damaging the seals.

If the nozzles don’t click in well, you might need to turn off the system so you can wrestle with it. You don’t want to accidentally trigger it on while switching it.

Things You Should Not Pressure Wash

Because Water Pressure is so high, you can damage things. If you put the gun’s tip too close to the paint of a car, it will peel the paint right off. 

Here are some things you should probably never pressure wash:

  • Anything Alive
  • Laminate Wood
  • Masonry Between Bricks
  • Laminar Sandstone
  • Areas that contain grease (like bicycle wheel bearings)
  • Old objects


For most of my readers, Generac is the best, most versatile option. However, if you want more durability, switch to the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125. However, if money is a concern, check out the Simpson CM60912.

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