Best Butane Torch For Dabbing: What You Need To Know

As a tool site, we held off on this article for two years. However, with the increasing legality of Marijuana in the United States, it makes sense to include a page on dabbing torches.

Full disclosure is that none of the staff has taken up daily marijuana smoking, so we had to get ahold of a few friends with more experience to give their input on this piece. 

What did come in handy was our experience with propane torches.  We’ve worked with a lot of different torches, so we had a pretty good idea of what to look for. 

From stoners to those folks who need medical marijuana and are hesitantly beginning their journey, this list is designed to help you find what you need. 

Here are the top 8 torches, as well as insight on how to choose a torch for dabs. We also discuss the differences between propane and butane torches (butane is better). 

Your dabbing rig is likely made from titanium, quartz, or ceramic, but butane works well for all of these dab nails.  

Keep in mind that the manufacturers DO NOT endorse using their tools for this manner. You will be using this tool at your own risk for a purpose it was not designed for. You are also solely responsible for abiding by local rules and regulations. I’m not endorsing an illegal activity. There. I feel better. Stay safe and legal. Mixing drugs and flames is a dangerous activity. 

Recommendations of The Best Torches For Dabs

1. Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

I tend to like the smaller torches that have a sleek design yet still have a good reservoir size. The larger, 26-gram capacity can give you up to 1.5 hours of burning time. 

However, if you feel like most recommended dab torches come off feeling more like a toy than a tool, this Blazer Micro Butane Torch is what you have been looking for. 

Made from durable parts, this one brings durability and longevity to your dabbing experience. With the rubber, diamond-shape grip, you always have a good grasp on it. 

What really sets this dab torch apart is the different flame settings. The temperature control knob lets you choose between super-hot, shooting jet flame that these little blow torches are known for, and a softer cooler flame. 

This torch can do this because it offers both gas flow control and airflow control. 

When you are trying to get your wax to last as long as possible, this second feature is an extremely lovely option. 

It comes with a wide, sturdy base, which makes it a favorite for when you want it to stand on its own. 

For those needing a safety lock, this one does have a manual lock feature that you can engage in.

2. Best Torch: Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

This popular dab torch adorns the dressers of the most serious dabbers. Its large reservoir means that you won’t constantly have to stop and refill it. 

There are a few different Blazer Big Shots available, but this bundle is my top pick. It comes with silicone sleeves that make it much nicer to hold, and the added silicone sleeve around the flame tip does a lot to prevent accidental burns. 

The wide base makes it very stable when you set it down. This makes it a good choice for a wide array of situations. From searing Creme Brulee‘s in the kitchen to doing intricate jewelry soldering, this is a very flexible torch. When you are working quickly or if you have unsteady hands, the stable base helps you keep it upright. 

The touch ignition switch will make you fall in love with the Blazer GT8000 the first time you use it. The easy ignition system means that with one quick click of the button, the flame roars to life, thanks to the internal piezoelectric controls. 

As with all of these torches, you are looking at temps of 1,430 Celsius, 2,400 Fahrenheit.  That’s just pretty standard for all butane torches

This heat is the perfect level to heat the dab without instantly vaporizing it. 

If you are using it outside, you will appreciate how well shielded it is. This keeps the flame from being blown out in the wind. The adjustable flame moves from as little as 1 inch high up to 5 inches, letting you control the flame size without getting a flare.  

The only downside with this torch is that you are required to use Blazer branded butane, which is more expensive. The refill port is a unique shape and isn’t compatible with other models. 

3. Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

I don’t hide my love for Dremel. Their products have been continuously some of the best ones that I have purchased. The Dremel 2200-01 stands out from the crowd as it is designed to be a true tool. 

As with the GB2001 above, this one offers both flame control and air control. This is an advanced feature that makes the Dremel one of the best dab rigs thanks to letting you create a softer, cooler flame that is perfect for enjoying a slow-burning dab. 

The flame lock lets you keep the flame on easily. 

This one comes with a lot of handy tips that you probably won’t use. You get a soldering tip, as well as one for creating broad heat for working with electrical heat-shrink. 

What sets this one apart is the one year warranty and US-based customer service. Dremel is a well-known company and this mini torch has earned its place among other dab rigs.

4. Blazer Higher Standard (Stok R Mega Torch Killer)

The Blazer Big Shot HS is what the rich people use for their dab rigs. It’s beautiful graphics, and striking body style makes it stand out. Engineered in  Japan as part of a partnership with Blazer, this dab torch brings quality, precision, and reliability to dabbing

You’ll notice that the flame on this is more precise than what you see with the cheap dab torches you’ve been working with. 

The temperature control makes this one easy to dial into your needs. It can deliver 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes, and the large tank means that you’ll only need to refill it every 2-3 days. 

A lot of folks rate this as the best dab torch. It ignites quickly, heats up in under 10 seconds, and delivers a reliable flame. When hanging with friends, you’ll impress them with the quality of this mini torch. 

However, quality has a price.

In the past, the Stok R Mega torch was the gold standard. This Blazer HS has taken its place.  

5.  EurKitchen Culinary Cooking Torch

This EurKitchen torch is a real game-changer. Designed for intricate cooking work, this model is an excellent choice anytime you are working with organic matter. 

There are a few features that make this one a winner. To begin with, it has a fuel gauge that displays the amount of butane left. This means that you instantly know when you need to refill it. 

This torch is small, portable, and fits nicely in your hand. It’s perfectly balanced and is quite fun to hold. The ergonomic finger guard helps to protect your fingers from heat, making it easy to hold for a long time. The internal starter means that you can reliably click start it every time. 

Unlike the model above, you can easily refill this torch with any brand of butane. It holds 12 grams of butane (.4 fluid ounces). 

The knob is easy to turn and to adjust the flame. The child safety lock makes it easier to keep from accidentally starting the flame. 

One of the best things is that this one has a 1-year warranty and is supported by a reliable company. 

6. Lexivon Multi-Function Torch

Do you want to relive that feeling of stealing your dad’s torch? This tool kit is designed for the shop. It comes with all of the tips for soldering and jewelry work. 

However, don’t let those features turn you off. 

The adjustable flame lets you adjust the flame from 1/2-inch up to 2-inches for the best temperature control.  It has a metal gas tube which makes it extremely durable over years of use. 

 The brass refilling nozzle lets you refill with butane in 15 seconds and is large enough to allow for 2 hours of burn time. 

The CPSC child safety lock helps prevent accidental ignition. 

This new torch doesn’t have as much press on it, yet, but it seems to already be a strong player. 

The only downside is that it seems to work best on high-quality butane. 

7. Kollea Cheap Dabbing Torch

A lot of users complain about cheap imports from China. Once in a while, you find a gem, and this is one of those situations. 

This Kollea is very simple. It has temperature control and a clicker to light it. You get a flame up to 5 inches long. 

There is no wind resistance, no bells, and whistles. Just a lightweight, reliable, torch. 

The best thing is that it comes with a 90-day return guarantee and a 24-month warranty. An excellent, cheap dab torch option. 

8. Fun Owlet Cheap Butane Torch Head

Here is a fun idea. Instead of constantly refilling your torch, why not just screw the torch onto your bottle of butane?

Granted, holding the entire bottle of butane isn’t as ergonomic as one of the above torches, but this torch head offers a lot of features.

For one, there is a knob in-line with the torch tip. This knob lets you control the flame shape so you can switch from the shooting flame to a softer, gentler flame. 

Then you have the gas knob that offers temperature control making this the best dabbing torch

Windproof, easy to light, and offers over 2 hours of runtime. The one big thing to note on this model is that it does not offer a child safety lock.

It comes down to your personal preference: do you want an easy-to-hold torch, or the convenience of never refilling?

Butane Dab Torch Buyer’s Guide and FAQ’s

1. Safety Features

Butane torches are very effective at setting things on fire. As such, they need safety features to prevent a child from accidentally turning it on. Most of these features are either a lock that keeps you from opening the gas valve, or a manual lock that stops the igniter from engaging. 

2. Types Of Gas 

Most Dab Rigs either use a flame torch with butane or propane fuel. Some of them use an electric heat source. Butane torches are better. Additionally, you want to buy a torch with an easy to replace butane fuel. Some of the 

3. Flame Control

Strong temperature control is a hallmark of the best butane torches. All torches have a gas flow control. When you invest more, you can also get one that has airflow control which allows you to adjust the shape of the flame for a more customized experience.

Getting a torch that offers both gas control and airflow control allows you better control over how quickly you vaporize the dab.

The best temperature for dabbing is going to be between 400 and 700 degrees. If it is too cool, it won’t release the terpenes. If it is too hot, it will instantly vaporize your material, burn your mouth and lungs, and ruin your rig.  

4. Durability

Most butane torches are made in China. They are pretty cheap and don’t hold up well. 

With this list, we ‘ve tried to avoid those poorly made units and only include the ones that will give you even heat on your dabbing rigs from quartz bangers to bongs. Components like piezo ignition and brass nozzles help to improve the longevity of your torch. 


Question: Are butane torches good for jewelry work?

Answer: Butane does not burn as cleanly as propane and can tarnish your soldering work. However, it continues to be a top choice for Etsy Jewelry makers. 

Question: Are Propane Torches or Butane Torches better for Dabbing?

Answer: Butane torches burn slightly cooler and are easier to keep from instantly vaporizing and wasting your dab. Models like the Blazer GB2001 above are especially suited as they have a wider range of flame that you can adjust for. 

Propane is hot enough to create titanium oxide when used with titanium nails — which ruins them. 

Propane torches are also large and cumbersome, making them unwieldy and dangerous for using with a dab rig.  

Question: How Do You Fix a Butane Torch That Doesn’t Spark?

Answer: You can reach out to the manufacturer to see if they have a repair option available. However, if you have another lighter, you can use the flame to light your butane torch. This can be a cheap work-around. Just don’t burn yourself by putting your hand in front of the flame.

Question: My Butane Torch Isn’t Refilling. What Should I do?

Answer: There are some variations between the refill nozzles. The cheaper torches all have a fairly stock refill spot and cheap Zippo fuel from Walmart should work fine. However, some of the nicer models like the Big Shot might have a unique nozzle shape and will require you to visit a specialty shop to get the correct refill.

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